Friday, October 28, 2016

The World of Hillary Wikileaks Clinton

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The most glaring things in the criminal emails of Hillary Clinton in Wikileaks is that Mrs. Clinton has a crass soul and by compunction and design, talks down to Americans, she detests.

She simply disrespects Americans as gutter trash and that is why she tells such absolute lies and her staff rubber stamps all of it.

Take for example this Hamrod press release in review by Cheryl Mills and John Podesta over Emailgate in trying to spin it away.
You must understand that political statements are created, and reviewed by staff and lawyers, and all of these people have nothing but contempt for Americans, and are so crass that there simply is nothing poetic or prose in their souls, to bring a softness to any communication.

If you listen to Mrs. Clinton when she screeches about being "sick and tired" about things in speeches, one hears this same vocabulary of contempt in gutter talk.

> When I got to work as Secretary of State, I wanted the simplicity of using > one device. I opted to use my personal email account; it enabled me to > reach people quickly and keep in regular touch with my family and friends > more easily, given my travel schedule. My own usage was widely known, as > my address was visible on every email I sent. To address requirements to > keep records of my work emails, it was my practice to email government > employees at their government email address. That way, they would be > captured and preserved in the Department's system.

GOT is base word of the low intellect, street gutter vocabulary. Hillary Clinton's entire sentence structure is low class and of the streets, and reflects nothing of Ivy League education.
This is most interesting that under pressure she resorts to redneck speak, and her staff does not polish up this dialect. Granted, there could be a Clinton mindset of manipulation in this of the "stupid public" which Hillary Clinton has been outed in other Wikileak emails in berating Jew Bernie Sanders voters, but it is a matter of........

Think of it this way, if you have a problem and need to soothe a mob, would that mob be soothed with Audrey Hepburn acting ladylike and suave, charming the masses, or would a Joy Behar screeching at them with snarls do the job? It is obvious that Ms. Hepburn is the approach in sophisticated charm, but at the core of Hillary Clinton is still a Midwest hick, who has no respect for the people she is addressing in raising the intellect in them.

This is what the above lie should have looked like if someone sophisticated was managing the Clinton campaign and if Hillary Clinton had any class.

When my vocation as Secretary of State began, my desire was to streamline the information flow I would be dealing with, in utilizing one communication platform. After weighing the options, I concluded that my personal email account would be the best response to balance both the demands of this job in public and private, due to my travel schedule.
My personal account was well known, so those in contact with my office would be certain of the authenticity of the correspondences.
In addition, for the requirements of establishing records of the interactions in public and private correspondence, the government correspondences would have those communications recorded in the State Department.

One can compare the Lame Cherry sophisticated intelligent version and Hillary gutter talk, and in that John Podesta's only comment from this criminal mind in spinning thoughts, focused on "team" or "counsel" to make it legalized, as Podesta understands the crimes involved. 

On Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 4:22 PM, John Podesta wrote: > Just to you. Should we change team to counsel? > > JP

Of course, diplomatic language is designed to charm and obfuscate the issue, as in the above the glaring problem is that Mrs. Clinton's private email was not hamrod@yahoo, but a server deliberately created with her own mailing address on it, to subvert the rules of secure communications.

It is the thing about the lies of Hillary Clinton. She simply can not stop degrading people either by instinct or manipulation in talking down to them. She is a harsh woman with a harsh tone, and is awkward at best when fawning over the elite.

It is the world of Hillary Wikileaks Clinton.