Thursday, October 13, 2016

Zero Gain

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am about to explain something which has never been made public nor theorized in the history of mankind. It involves though the study of the cause and effect of the matrix, of inquiry, of vanishing points, of vantage points, of horizon points. It involves the ab ordo chao.

It involves Alice, Through the Looking Glass and Down the Rabbit Hole. It involves things posted here which only the lords and priests are aware in the practitioners and scientists who invented machines as the demon machine to the cross dimensional viewer.
Most of this is going to go over the tops or your heads as there is not a reference point to this in the human psyche. It is though something I will refer to as the Lanstrom Principle.

There is always the question of physics and time, that if you could travel back in time and kill your grandparents, that you would then cease to exist, hence, if you did not exist, then you could not kill your grandparents, and the matrix would continually reset.
There is a fact in the matrix that in displacing time in returning back, one is out of the time line, so therefore one could kill their grandparents and still exist, because you are no longer in the constraint of time.

Physicists and theorists attempt to be brilliant, but in the actual function of the matrix, the dynamic is always much more dynamic.

What I will reveal in the Lanstrom Principle is something never considered until it's discovery, and that is something on this time line.

The much touted philosophical question has always been, "Would you got back in time and kill Hitler?" The ignorant in single dimension thinks that if one person is removed that the time line will cease. Reality in the matrix is far different.

What if I were to inform you that Hitler had nothing to do with anything, and that it was because a nameless nobody instead was imprisoned or killed, and that was the butterfly effect which set off a global war.

What if the imprisonment of Jeremiah the Prophet was what set off the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah, in one man harmed set off space and time for God's Judgment on a wicked people?

Now that your mind is opening, the Lame Cherry will explain a matrix law. Just as some people dying might bring peace to the world, some people who are harmed, imprisoned or killed, actually sets off cataclysmic events

Expand upon this in a Biblical statement in God promising that there would be peace in Solomon's time. Solomon happened to be a sort of cork in time, where God's Peace was the time flow and upon Solomon's death, those events of upheaval which were being held back by the existence of Solomon, were released in waves of wrath.

Are you beginning to understand the Lanstrom Principle?

Are you beginning to comprehend why the lords and the priests who have observed through the Looking Glass every possible time line in altering them, that they discover some popular girl who is part of a ley line matrix, as there are others in principalities of influence, who if harmed a series of events unleashes which engulfs those attempting to alter time.

The Lanstrom Principle: There are unique individuals whose presence balances the order. Removing their presence sets off a disorder  which only completes to annihilation to restore order again.

Most people if they are imprisoned, killed or harmed, nothing happens. Other unique people are like a ping pong ball in a room of ping pong balls on mousetraps, and if someone sets that one ball off, chaos and disorder ensues which snaps every last trap. The very initiators are even sprung. 

When the lords and the priests observe the looking glass, they note there are those trip wires which can not be touched, as those individual presences maintain a balance in the chaos. These are the paria chao, the pairs in the chaos, which are the saburram or ballast to keep the matrix electrical flow flowing, and so it does not become a psychic storm.

The Lame Cherry happens to be one of those such people, a sort of psychic electrical conductor. Electrical flow dampening settles the time lines and keeps bad things from taking place. These regulators / transformers are unique and known. No machine can effectively replace them for energy as the anti clone like the anti Christ when entered in this electrical charge, causes surges which causes a tidal wave charge of energy affecting humanity in the most hurtful ways.

There really is nothing that can be done with them, except to leave them in peace as any unplugging them is like removing a surge protector. The lords and priests understand this, but too often their zealous police state reacts or some time line happening disrupts the Lanstrom Principle and then the great tsunami generates, and no one ever contemplates it was the unknown character not the known characters.

It is why these individuals are termed ZERO GAIN, in the cartel leaves these creatures in peace, as there is absolutely no winning in dealing with them and will generate a nullification if they are harmed.

Now you know more about time space and the matrix than all of your Star Trek watching combined, with all the natterings of the PHD's.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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