Sunday, November 13, 2016

60 Minutes Ambushes President Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I am not part of the inner privy of the Trump Administration, and as every one of Mr. Trump's campaign staff was too busy hog troughing to get a job in the White House, taking credit for the work of God through others, I do not know who is to blame and should be fired for the 60 Minutes ambush with Leslie Stahl on CBS.

The Gateway Pundit has gone nuclear over Stahl making up charges against Trump supporters as racists and Mr. Trump telling people who do not exist to stop, but this is an event which should NEVER have taken place.

I do not know what son in law Mr. Ivanka Trump is doing besides walking around the White House grounds in transition, but someone needs to immediately begin Trump Television as the only media outlet to release all Trump propaganda through. It is not that difficult to have the greatest starring cast in the Trump Administration driving the investment for such a communications company on the internet and cable. It is not that difficult to have a Mike Deaver make pretty scenes.

Mr. Trump requires a gatekeeper who will shut down interviews and pull the plug immediately, if anything takes place which is not acceptable, and that did not take place, as no one was watching out for Mr. Trump, but a hundred others were making sure they got their 30 pieces of silver at 1600 Penn.

This must be fixed and NEVER happen again ever. This ambush was a blow and it will be followed by others.

This is what happens Mr. President when your little hatchlings are all grabbing for the stars and stop watching out for you.

As a suggestion Mr. President

Keith Nahigian more recently served as Rep. Michele Bachman’s (R-Minn.) campaign manager in her failed run for the Republican presidential nomination. Hagelin is a longtime culture warrior, with links to the Heritage Foundation and Concerned Women for America. Her firm specializes in the talk radio market. 

Mr. President, you need a shadow staff to manage events for you and enforce results always in your favor.

This is unacceptable.