Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Federal Regime of Gun Libraries and not Books

ATF's Firearm Library ( Photo: MPR Photo/Brandt Williams)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have heard of the Library of Congress, Carnegie Libraries, Smithsonian Institutions and other things like food warehouses, but I was stunned to find out that the BATFE has a Firearm's Library.

Seriously, from the above photo, what does any government agency need with a building full of guns to look at? It costs to store them and all of that information can be found on a Flash Drive.

In this, one of the realities of the Trump Administration must be to rid the government of these taxpayer owned guns to the taxpayers. It should be as President Reagan with ridding the government of cheese warehouses which saved a fortune as the government then was sitting on tons of cheese which cost a fortune to keep, and as this is the People's firearms as the People's cheese, then the People should have their guns.

What needs to be done is all of these inventories from disarming BLM and Postal employees, in favor of only arming Law Enforcement at FBI, Federal Marshals and Border Patrol, these guns should be by lottery handed over to Citizens, who place their names into a pool and when drawn, sent to the FLL dealer of their choice and clear up space and inventory inside the government buildings.

This includes the 1.5 billion rounds of 40 caliber ammunition which the Obama regime purchased driving up prices on Citizens.

It is ridiculous for the BATFE to have this number of weapons on file, as they are not the Military and only a civilian agency.

Let us reform Government by having not just the people keeping their money in taxes, but taking back the properties which their tax moneys have purchased.

Nuff Said.