Sunday, November 13, 2016

A List of Names

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are always more pigs than tits for jobs in any White House and it is my purpose to serve Donald Trump with some history which has appeared here from the lips of George Stephanopolous, who in his book of the Clinton nominations revealed the disaster that befell the Clinton's because Mario Cuomo played coy and it threw all of the other nominations off.

President Trump has to have a string of wins, and not be held up in nominations or embarrassing challenges. He did well with his Supreme Court choices and he should be guided by this.

Mark Levin is not helping in the least in his threats against Bob Corker as Secretary of State who enabled the Obama nuclear deal with Iran. President Trump has the right to ask those to serve he chooses, but the Senate still votes on the positions in the Cabinet.
What is taking place with Corker is the same railroading media blitz of the forces who installed Mike Pence.

I would mention that these women must not be overlooked. Sarah Palin belongs at Interior.

Michelle Bachmann

Sarah Palin

Linda Chavez

Laura Ingraham

For an inner working of workings, I would suggest Laura Ingraham at State. She is a Nixon protege, articulate and a force to be dealt with.

The Trump Administration has a debt to the Americans who voted for Mr. Trump, who want brand name Americans, and not an eruption of the same frantic screeching of the Mark Levin types, who have no place at the discussion for the problems they caused. It is a point though that Mr. Trump is going to have enough problems with the lunatic left, that he needs to keep the lunatic right quiet in the appointments.

Rack up the wins early by easy confirmations which settle the base, move to three quick policy wins in Congress in 2017 before the "surprises" appear, and then worry about which tit suckers are on the sow. An Administration does not need to appoint their campaign advocates to the high profile, but can let them be under Secretaries to learn the job.

One does not make the base groan in a fight over a nobody, as people are still uncertain about Mike Pence.

America has had enough of weird little ugly people and statues. They want something pretty to look at who they can dream about bossing them around in the bedroom. Every time Mr. Trump, pretty buys you 15% good will in tough spots and in tough spots that is all you got to keep the momentum going.