Monday, November 14, 2016

An Explanation of Technical Headlines

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The purpose of this Lame Cherry Concentrate post is to explain headlines.



Why is this?

Because Obama was giving away no interest loans to his Silicon Valley cronies. They were taking this money on loan, and buying their stock, which was spiking their stock prices, and this spike was making dividends to investors to give the illusion they were profitable.

Take away that cheap money, inflict into it FED interest to pay off the super derivative schemers, and you get 35 billion dollar loses at Jeff Bezos land, while the rest of the stocks are spiking upward.

So you understand this, Coke makes........Coke. Boeing makes jets. So when you have a company like Facebook which makes......addictive programs to prey on loons who can not stay off of there, there is not much to sip on or fly there, so all of these e ghost companies have nothing which is physical of value. Pull the free NSA funding, free interest money, and introduce a Donald Trump Justice Department investigating spiked ad numbers which Facebook uses.......which is criminal in robbing retailers, and driving sites like the Washington Post in the red, stocks tend to drop like rocks in this E Ponzi Scheme Shell Game.

Now you have your answer. I am still hoping to be put in charge of Division 88, that is the Law Enforcement Division which features a German 88 to knock on doors to serve warrants. I of course would only hire attractive agents, like the two Homeland stars who interviewed me.

Those Homeland contracts feeding black ops funds to the techies are not now in Obama free flow.

All adds up to stock drop.