Saturday, November 12, 2016

Collide Away Governor Jerry Brown

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is going to be most enjoyable witnessing what happens when liberals meet an American President who will legally enforce the Laws of these formerly Obama disUnited States.

California and Trump on collision course over illegals...

Here is the reality in California is in open insurrection against the Government of the United States, bringing in invaders who have stolen elections from American Republicans, as an example the fraud of Senator Kamala Harris who had illegal votes install her with the help of Obama and Clintons, and is now inciting insurrection against America in Trump protests.

Kamala Harris, in her first appearance since winning her U.S. Senate race, also held an event Thursday at CHIRLA to announce her support for immigrants and criticize Trump’s plan for a U.S.-Mexico border wall.
Several days of street demonstrations in Los Angeles and other cities have followed Trump’s election, with protesters denouncing the Republican’s views on issues such as immigration. About 200 people were arrested Thursday night in downtown Los Angeles, according to LAPD Officer Tony Im.
Another anti-Trump protest is planned Saturday for MacArthur Park.

What will take place is a Federal Response of first cutting off all Federal Aid to California. Then we will see how California provides for all of these illegal invaders who are eating that state like a swarm of locusts.

Then comes the Federal Order to enforce the law, and those who think that defying the American Government is something which is a right in Jerry Brown or the crooked leftist California courts, will discover they will be all indicted on Federal Conspiracy charges like the Bundy's in impeding Federal Officers in the pursuit of their duties.

......and as this comes to it's conclusion, all of these Chinese human dumps, to Mexican slave labor trade ceases, and the law is obeyed by those who understand that no political or court office is immune to the same laws which inflict on Americans, will be enforced against their treasonous selves.

As a note to Senator Kamala Harris. Do not get too comfortable in your treason, because if impeachment does not catch you in DC, then there will be an election recall in California by the Americans there, and you will not have your illegal voters to pad your fraud polling any longer.

Nom de Deus, I just would like to be a Federal Marshal for one week, and be sent to California to slap cuffs on Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris, and dump them into Leavenworth for a speedy People's Court prosecution and execution of fair sentence.