Sunday, November 27, 2016

End More than Obama's Executive Orders

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This topic was touched on by Gun Talk with Tom Gresham today, and it is something which President Donald Trump must undertake, because it was not just Birther Obama, but it was George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton who both as dictators issued executive orders grabbing guns.

Gun Control by Executive Order ? - | National Review

Executive orders are not ... and registration of guns. Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton ... banning guns by executive order would be ...

There is more to this than the above tyrants as George W. Bush, with Karl Rove, embarked on a systematic destruction of licensed gun dealers across America, first by raising rates, to what image Obama has now ordered in ATF is commanded to revoke licenses of numbers of gun dealers.

ATF compliance investigator ranks stagnant as FFLs on the rise

... "Gun dealers are ... when President George W. Bush ... counter FFLs" by raising fees from $30 for a Type 01 license to $200 at the same time the ...

This all has to be done away with in these tyranical executive orders by HW Bush, Bill Clinton, W. Bush and Birther Hussein's image.

Putting Jeff Sessions as head of Justice does absolutely nothing, because these liberal primates are still afflicting upon Americans in their various divisions. License fees must be reduced to post Bush levels and all of these presidential outlaw directives must be ended.

The gun ban on Russian weapons must be ended, and all of the well made and affordable Russian firearms from Saiga to Kalishnikov must begin pouring into the US markets, to offset those European controlled monopoly high priced firearms that are gouging American firearms owners.

On January 20th, it is not just ending Obama Executive Orders, it is ending HW Bush, Clinton, W. Bush executive orders.

Americans elected Donald Trump for action in restoring all of our Rights, and not for this Neocon subversion of the Mitt Romney types who Mike Pence has polluted the Trans Team with.

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