Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary's Vote that Keeps on Voting

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For whatever reason, meaning to protect the criminal monopoly who steals elections for their cartel partners, there really is not anything in voting machines which involves "hacking". At least in the sense of, someone in their basement tapping on their laptop and hacking into a voting machine, because the machines are not uplinked to a hub in most cases.
What instead is the reality is the program card inside the voting machine being compromised or switched out.

I will return you to the little event in Sioux Falls South Dakota in 2012 or was it 2014, where one Mike Rounds had a Tom Daschel opponent, and who refused to concede, on these new South Dakota / Minnesota voting machines in the big enclave of Sioux Falls, who even though behind, was waiting around for the voting machines to tally things.
Problem was that "someone" smeared egg salad over the paper ballots and then fed them into the electronic vote counting machines and gummed them all up....so it had to be hand counted and the Republican won as the actual votes were tabulated.

In 2008, researchers at Princeton University found that it took seven minutes, using simple tools, to install a different computer program in a voting machine “that steals votes from one party’s candidates, and gives them to another.” That machine, the Sequoia Avantage, is still used in at least six states by 9 million voters, according to Roger Johnston, who heads the vulnerability assessment team at Argonne National Laboratory.
Last fall, Johnston and his team of researchers found that Diebold’s AccuVote voting machines could be hacked to change voting results by inserting a piece of electronics into the machines. Diebold’s AccuVote voting machines are used in at least 20 states by 21 million voters, according to Johnston.
“I’ve seen high school science fair projects that are more sophisticated than what is needed to hijack a voting machine,” Johnston said in an interview.
Most voting machines are made by two manufacturers, Election Systems & Software and Dominion Voting Systems, which was formerly Diebold Election Systems. Neither company returned requests for comment.

There have been numbers of glaring cases over the years in the casino software of Andreiu Riera, which flips 15% of the vote margin, which is how Obama stole two elections and numbers of Democrats ended up in office stealing elections from Republicans.

In some cases as in Ted Cruz's case, his people simply put his name on Donald Trump voting results as in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

In some cases as in crooked Jerry Brown's California, millions of Bernie Sander's ballots never were counted, but are still in warehouses.

Put this kind of scenario in place as it is in the news, at least part of it.

So the Clinton GOPliter thing is to blame the Russians for everything, which is called a cover. As stated, in machines not hooked up to a Cisco hub of the world wide web, it is a bit hard to hack that machine........unless you have a DOD microwave burst radar transmitter which can rewrite or copy software...........theory has it that it can be done over power lines, but Moscow is still a bit far from Pittsburgh.

Voting Machine Memory Cards Could be Switched in Booth, Says ...

Voting Machine Memory Cards Could be Switched in Booth, Says Reviewer "I've never seen a system that was perfectly secure, but proper policies and ...

Any way you get people thinking Russia, when instead you have say an oligarch who owns voting machines, and sort of has one of their geniuses who coordinate with .......say some alphabet agency.....build a card set which they send their technicians out to "check" on the machines, and replace them.
Shadow program has built in codex to run tests correctly, but come election day the vote shaving begins. Tab that with dead people and Mexicans voting for Clinton, and you start to come to numbers in what an election can be flipped.

While it is deliberately hidden as to the number of polling places in America, let us use this figure:

Census Bureau Reports There Are 89,004 Local Governments in ...

Census Bureau Reports There Are 89,004 Local Governments in the United States. ... History of Special Districts and School Districts in the United States.

Put it at 90,000  voting districts.  Now some districts are small, but many are huge and many are controlled by crooks who will do anything they are ordered to do. 100 votes, does not sound like many votes, but add 100 votes to each district in an average, and you have 9 million votes, which is about what Obama flipped in two elections.

Put it this way, if someone was going to go the bother of replacing software to steal an election worth ..oh Obama 20 trillion for Wall Street, what kind of allegiance or bribe would it take to just print up a few thousand ballots to cover the real ballots which ended up in the incinerator?

Hillary Clinton has thousands of unbalanced followers as did Obama in fanatics. It is a closed system of insiders who proved they would steal an election from Bernie Sanders and would stack votes against Donald Trump, and no one looked for paper ballots to recount in those frauds now did they.

So you see everyone is looking at the James Bond stuff because you are being told that is how all of this mystery works, when in reality it is hardware and a nation of officials who would not know their ass from a chad hole.
It would seem pretty simple in hook some troll with an invite to the club, some pictures of a diseased fag  prostitute for the family, and you pretty well have the troll choosing the promise of a job as Park Supervisor than jail time.

It is why you get off your butts and get out and vote for Donald Trump to run landslide numbers which will break the Clinton Counterfeit Vote operation. The cronies can only flip so many votes or chop down so many forests for replacement ballots.

So like the FIB investigation of Hamrod Par Dux was a bait and switch, so are the Russian hackers. That is about the Obama regime trying to start a soft war with Russia to start a hot war with Russia. Elections are stolen by insiders who own politicians, who direct the police state, who never look at the monopoly owned voting machines.

Certification of voting machines - Wikipedia

Certification of voting ... against which voting system hardware and software could ... of national voting certification and testing, the FEC's Office of Election ...

This is a misdirection conditioning you to look at Russia and hackers for a reason. It has been deliberately constructed to look for mysterious software, instead of the hardware which is visible.

By the reactions of stumbling midnight Hillary Clinton boarding jets, legitimate voting still overcomes fraud voting in 2016. They will not make that mistake in 2018 if Hamrod steals this.

So get out and make your vote count in 2016 and in every election which follows.