Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lame Cherry Appreciation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to after a not so great day to take the time to thank those who have supported this blog in donations past and recently. I appreciate your kindness, as a week ago, I did not know when Hamrod goons were going to show up to deal with me.

This has been hard beyond what you will ever know or experience on what this has affected TL and myself.  I had honestly thought I would be able to stand down and have more time with TL, but from this Molotov Media, the Mockingbird going nuts, the Trump transition leaking from Mike Pence's betrayals to his GOPliter press, and the MOG's out in full force attempting to submarine Mr. Trump before he beings, I have had to invest more effort in putting out the backfires and saving Mr. Trump again.

As a warning to the Trump monitors, instinct tells me the forces against Mr. Trump are going to impeach him, going after his traitor Jew son in law, Kursher, and it will involve the same EMAILGATE trail of security clearances which did in Hamrod. This ilk went after W Bush to impeach for Bill Clinton and will as David Brooks revealed, impeach Donald Trump....and it will be the Jewish mafia leftists looking for blood libel on Kurshner for assisting Mr. Trump. That is what is the Steve Bannon smear is all is setting the stage for events to come.

Yes, yes, this is about me expressing appreciation and thanks. It is a good thing as I was talking this over with TL tonight on our walk, that we  were utilized by God to provide a chance at security for Christians in this world, but what we are touching people on is their eternal Life, which is what this is all about. Making a difference in people's lives for good is what is lost in all of this.

I add the additional points as a disclaimer in whatever this is now about, in while posting for  tomorrow, I received and alert that the blog settings have changed, involving encryption. All sounds like spook stuff as I changed nothing.....and as it seems to explain that this changes nothing for the normal readers, I do not see any sense in changing things back, as whoever did it, will do it again.

Your HTTPS settings have changed. All visitors are now able to view your blog over an encrypted connection by visiting Existing links and bookmarks to your blog will continue to work.

If HTTPS Redirect is turned on:
Visitors to your blog will always go to
If HTTPS Redirect is turned off:
Visitors to will be served over HTTP, an unencrypted connection. Visitors to will be served over HTTPS, an encrypted connection.

So I have to keep this short, as I never was able to sit down and write for tomorrow until around 7 tonight, and that finished in exclusives to rock the world, I really need cleanse the internet affects from us.

Oh that I had wings to fly away.

God bless.