Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mop Dog


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This act of compassion might not seem to match as Zelda recently helped an Ethiopian get off the street and onto the sidewalk, as he was intent on walking down the street.

The interesting thing is that this event took place just down the street from the Ethiopian event, and is typical of the bad spirits putting bad ideas into animal brains.

So I was driving Zelda, turned the corner, and ready to go mind numb, when out of the corner of my eye, I see this little goof boy on his little goof boy bike, and then appears this mop dog. You know what I mean, in those dogs that look like floor mops in being all this hair, came running out to greet Zelda, as the puppy of course was more interested in the joy of life than in the dynamics of physics.

So as I drive always for Darwin creatures in order not to be come one of them myself, I slowed down and stopped, and there the epic battle began in mop dog making friends with Zelda. Never mind that 4 out of 10 people would have run over this dog as they drive like zombie even in my small town, so it was good it was me, as I sat their patiently as mop dog with joy of life, stupid little boy on bike oblivious to life, and blonde mum screaming at said mop dog, and the dog was only listening to Zelda.

It took about a minute, and no one else was coming, so mop dog finally figured out to return to the blonde mum, and she waved at me in thanking me for not driving over their puppy, but that is about par for the course in my looking after creatures.

See patience was the proper response for a mob dog, trying to eat Zelda's grill. For the Ethiopian going in the direction, just needed to be helped along a little faster off the street. Zelda is very wise in such things in recognizing the physics of such things, and she does not even need Algebra to figure it all out.

With all on my mind in the elections, I still thankfully pay attention to all God's creatures in helping them becoming statistics. Odd thing about it all in the mop dog and the Ethiopian both liked Zelda in the dog wagged it's tail and the primate smiled.

I just am a bit more patient with smart animals than stupid animals.