Friday, November 18, 2016

That man beind the Molotov Media Fire Curtain

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As most of you missed Sean Homo Hannity interviewing Ed Klein on Hillary Clinton's meltdown on election eve, it was most interesting in the heroine of the night was ..........John Podesta. He kept his little pumps pumping and carried Hillary Clinton around like the good girl scout he Ed Klein spoke of his inside sources.

You do not suppose that the leaker to Ed Klein is John Podesta do you?

Sort of odd in all of the horrible Hillary Clinton collapses and meltdowns that John Podesta was never ripped in the media. Nothing like Corey, it was as if that a campaign manager running the first female president had absolutely no responsibility in any of this.

Odd how it was John Podesta's emails which were the only emails released by ........the hack.........I mean Wikileaks.

It was Podesta who gave the keys to the kingdom to his Gmail account by providing phishers his password.

.......and yet after John Podesta gutted the campaign like a fish........Hamrod only was blaming Comey and Obama.

It sort of goes back to you have CIA controlled media, and none of it is focusing on Podesta, that someone really wanted the world focusing on Podesta.......and now in Hillary gone Nuts, who should emerge again but the heorine, none other than John Podesta.

Who do you think is the shark in the tank, who is being protected by the big fish.

Nuff Said