Friday, November 18, 2016

The Benghazi of Jordan


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let the Lame Cherry explain a few things, as you have probably been diverted in believing more lies about Donald Trump, and it is a little matter of US Special Operations Forces who in three Green Berets were whored out to the Obama CIA, and sort of ended up dead in Jordan by being machine gunned to death.

U.S. officials say the security camera video shows several American vehicles stopped in broad daylight at the entrance to the Jordanian air field where the Green Berets were based. The first was allowed to pass through the gate, but then a guard suddenly opened fire on the second vehicle, killing both Americans inside. The Americans in the third and fourth vehicles jumped out and started returning fire. The Jordanian guard shot and killed one of them before he was wounded by the other. 

Little problem in this is the Hashamites of Jordan, decided to lie and blame the Americans in this was their fault for not stopping......little problem is there is footage of the murder.

Sorry....but you do not know the delay in someone wiped all of the things I just typed here and left me with a blank page...........suppose that was again another coincidence.

Any way, for those who do not know, Jordan is ruled by King Abdullah, who took over from King Hussein, his father, but did so in having the CIA remove Prince Hassan, King Hussein's brother. Since then, Jordan has been a CIA staging area, where all kinds of  terrorists have been trained in Obama Clinton war oil theft in Syria, Iraq etc...

So let us review this, in we have Benghazi murders, and the CIA using Jordan as their training base, Turkey as their money laundering base, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as the arms transfer point, John McCain up to his ass in this with Lindsey Graham and the Obama regime with Clinton, and now Americans are murdered in Jordan and King Abdullah lies to America who is protecting his ass and blames Americans who are protecting his ass.

Do you conclude it is none too soon for President Trump's new CIA Director to explain to the Jordanians that dead Americans and lying to Americans, should just transfer Jordan to a part of Greater Israel.

The FBI is investigating this, but after James Comey and his duo who take money and dinners from the Clinton's, I wonder if FIB is going to announce the Jordanians innocent and the Americans shot themselves from outside their vehicle.

The Jordanians are going to have to be made an example of. This Obama Clinton Kerry regime's offering up of Americans and American allies to the slaughter will stop.

So this is understood, the Jordanian regime covered up for terrorists who murdered Americans. This is the priority to be dealt with by the CIA and Special Forces on January 21st, 2017 AD.