Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Many Attentions of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has refrained from directing any advice to Donald Trump as it would be impolite to lecture to the Hand of God, there are suggestions which on the long Don Do List, which will require certain gifted individuals to take back the machinery of the regime which has been engaged against Mr. Trump and the American People.

The scorched earth media which has been flamed at President Trump caused 90% of his problems which set up the other 90% of the problems for Mr. Trump. The shadow program of Mockingbird in the propaganda of the cartel must be put into the cage and made to sing for the Trump Administration.

Mockingbird and the fledglings are operated out of the Sub Operational Groups, off book, and there must be a group of individuals who replace the coordination of this effort in all media, to make it perform for Mr. Trump and for Americans.

I realize there are numbers of things which must be addressed. There must be a fast track for intelligence clearances of the highest level, to take control of this apparatus. It is not going to suffice alone for the Trump group to launch Trump Communications as the primary source of news and information for Americans. This must be the inner workings of this hijacked mind conditioning which has been launched against Americans, taken control of, and made proper use of, to calm Americans down emotionally and to educate them on the common thought of a positive direction for Americans, and END this division of pitting Americans against each other for their mental enslavement.

These paid assets who have been manipulating Americans in every facet of media, must be replaced, and enough of them exposed as enemies of the American People to generate the mob furor in order to bring the censure which is necessary.

Governing America is not part of the three branches of Government. Governing takes place in the mind. One of the necessary mechanisms is the control of Mockingbird for the good of America again.

Make the propaganda work for your Truth, instead of spreading lies to impede you.