Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Trump Administration

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to make this a long post, but it's content is important, because there is a disinformation campaign against Donald Trump, meant once again to worry his voters and bleed off support.

I have noticed a number of them on certain sites, and the fact is, no one knows who is going to be in the Trump White House until they are named by Donald Trump. I realize that Mike Pence is a chronic leaker and it was the Manafort people who stuck him on the ticket in that gambit, but do not be drawn in by this disinformation campaign.

Of course there are frauds now trying to get a job with Mr. Trump, both because they are profiteering arserounds and because they work for Bush fam in seeking to cause Soros problems for Mr. Trump in these MOGs. Just understand in reading through all the things posted that not everyone is evil just because they earned a living.
For example, are you an evil tool of the regime because you use Verizon and the NSA uses that about Facebook spying on everyone and you are on there.....should we really trust you?

It can be summed up with Kellyanne Conway, who I am leery of in her Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich associations, and because she had not the courtesy to reply to me. All the same, she is a Reagan chic, who got duped by Ted Cruz, and...........she is a bit full of herself, but I would rather have her as the new Val-erie Jarrett destroying the left than what else is out there. Every person who Reagan prodded to do what was right, was not a genuine Republican, as we have suffered under now for 35 years in being betrayed. The important thing is Donald Trump is there, and he can make these Mitch McConnell's do the job.

Conway quote on the leaks about her:

She announced on Thursday that she was joining the Trump administration after a tweet from journalist Gabriel Sherman suggested she was reluctant to do so because she didn’t want to give up her lucrative polling business.
“False,” Conway tweeted. “Could it be those ‘sources’ want the WH job I’ve been offered?”
She says she felt compelled to reply.
“I just thought it was an obnoxious tweet to put out there,” she explained. “What are your sources? I can be your source about me.”
She added that she’s ready and willing to move to Washington, DC.

Conway referring to dealing with Mr. Trump like she did with her children, is an asstard thing to say and will be all are not genius.

There are those who are pushing that clever manipulator Priebus and that money hog Bannon as Chief of Staff and are leaking their names. I do not deem either a proper venue for Mr. Trump. Priebus will though bring rough shod over the GOP as an ambassador to the Congress where things have to get passed.
Bannon would be better founding Trump Television, but is senior adviser.

I can tell all of you one thing though, that there is forming around an insular ceiling around Mr. Trump THAT IS GOING TO BE A PROBLEM, in these ball busters are not going to allow  5 minutes of time to those who must have it in implementing policy, and that includes the children running things in this buffer.
Strength has it's attributes, but it brought problems to President Richard Nixon and President Ronald Reagan in Halderman and Ehrlichman and Don Regan.
The Trump children have proven they can be manipulated to do things. It rests now on Melania Trump to protect her husband as Nancy Reagan protected Mr. Reagan.

It is the pigs to the tits as Lincoln said. Mr. Trump needs loyalty, and many people now have jobs who were disloyal and are now taking credit for the hard work which others have accomplished by God's Grace. That is the way it works and now the boss is going to have to watch those closest to him, as they have their own agenda in thumping others.

As this will never reach Mr. Trump, I would remind him and those now lower on the food chain to heed the words of an old Marine who runs Gun Site in Arizona, who put his finger in Mr. Trump's face and told him, "Do not fuck this up".
Mr. Trump promised he would not.

As Christian Soldiers none of us get to choose our leaders, as the Father chose Jesus before we were, and we are in a movement where we have to make the best out of what our elected leaders do.

- Lame Cherry

It is important that ALL of these nominations get passed by the Senate in nothing bogged down there. The fight is in Congress where we must win without any setbacks in 2017.

Packs and saddles at 3 AM again, making up for the flaws of others who think it is their brilliance when the only brilliant one ever in the room is Christ.

.........and to those who think their jobs are carved in stone, this is now the big leagues and you fuck it up, you will be hearing YOU'RE FIRED, as you have a host of cut throats pissed off and plotting to stick it in your back to get your job.

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