Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This Ain't Your Hillary Clinton


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I found a site which was listing all the grand relatives of dead Jack Kennedy, and it was sort of heartening to see like the children of all politicians, that they are like puff farts in simply fading away for the most part, in not making people's lives miserable as hell as all political dynasties have.

I will start with my favorite Kennedy in Bobby the Third. I just do not know how I would feel being named after someone who porked Marilyn Monroe and got shot by a conspiracy. At least it was better than Bobby II, who was a real moron.
Bob III likes wearing Fedoras and makes puppet shows. Probably is the most accomplished Kennedy who ever lived, because he looks like the cook Corey Feldman.


It sort of goes down hill from there in Sam Shriver. He has a degree from Boston and spent a year in a village in China. No word yet on how many of the children there now look like a Kennedy nor why this kid looks like Kurt Russell spent a night in the Kennedy compound riding Sam's mum.


Next we have Teddy Kennedy's granddaughter, Kiley. She rides snowboards and I sincerely hope that is all she tortures America with. Sort of feel sorry for her, as she still has that Great Gram Rosie thing going on.


This one is Rose Kennedy Schlossberg. Yes JFK's grandkid and I really feel sorry for her named after Rosie. Rosie used to walk neckid around the pool for all the people to see as husband Joe paraded his Hollywood whores around in front of Rose.
The delusional see Jackie Kennedy in this girl. I sort of see what could have been a nice girl if she was not related to the Kennedy clan.


The one who is creepy look alike is Jack Schlossberg, whose uncle was John John. That Carolyn has some odd dead family pscychosis going on which is fine, but hells bells, you would think that if your old man got his head blasted, and your brother got the tail of his plane blasted off his plane by Hillary Clinton, you would think that naming your kid after that bunch might not be a such a great idea nor his writing for CIA Time magazine.

Then we have Obama employee Maeve Kennedy Townsend. Thing is she looks like something any man would like to dick wood into, but in the wedding photo he is yawning while looking down her dress. Course, he probably already got the milk and the cow is keeping her name, so what is to be excited about.


This one is a twin in Cara and Mariah Cuomo. Must be twins from different birth years as the blonde looks hatched about the time JFK at the coffin. I always sort of admired Mario Cuomo, and now I know why he rose to power and was such a bastard. He was banging a Kennedy girl who has girls with whore clothes fashion sense.

Here is another gem in Tatiana Schlossberg. When you look like the mop maid, you write for the New York Times.

How about this one in double visions. Apparently them women that marry Kennedy men are like chickens in laying double yolks as the twins never look the same......like some pinch hitter came in to bat clean up on the sloppy seconds.
Oh this is Obama employee Matthew and Joe got a welfare job in the House. Teddy sure sucked in getting lame jobs for the Kennedy's after he made Obama.


Then we have protestor Conor Kennedy. He chains himself to Taylor Swift and dates the White House front gate over Keystone XL pipelines.

reg_634.ConorKennedy.jlc.101512 (1)

You can always count on one female in a litter to keep her legs shut and this is Krya. She likes fashion design, just not wearing it.


How about Arnold with his daughter Christina. Poor girl thinks she is as pretty as the Terminator's pipes used to be.

At least Christina has a brother who is the pretty girl in the family in model, Patrick. Think he was named after another dead Kennedy. They just can not let it go.


This is Michaela Kennedy Cuomo. She is 18 and I am not gong to pick on her, as she was found looking for a toe tag in her home passed out. Was involved with selling t shirts to fund some Kennedy thing and against sexual assault.
If someone who cares ever reads this, I hope they would do for her what Jackie did for John John, in send her out to some ranch with normal people, so she could experience what real people are and how life really is, as being in that Cuomo Kennedy mindtard is not what most children can deal with.


OK, now onto Kick Kennedy, who is an actress and her great accomplishment was climbing Jessica Biel or Mount Killamanjaro over wet things. I am sure she is a nice girl in being humble in having Gram Rosie's body.


Then we have another one of Arnold's kids who is just too Kennedy, in Katherine. She did not like her body or looks, so had to do a Kennedy catharsis book helping young girls. Could have saved a great deal if she just would have found a man who loved her and rocked her like a hurricane as she is the pretty one in the Kennedy clan.


We are about done as we come to Meaghan who does yoga and likes making twins out of wedlock with Hugh Grant look alikes.


Last but not least is Michael LaMoyne Kennedy. He actually went to Stanford and Georgetown, and works for the Stanford Institute of Innovation. Do not get excited though as this is for social and environmental change, and then become alarmed as this is the Psyops stuff which Obama has been implementing to rule the world for the feudal few.


I conclude that there is anything to fear in this offspring. Being an American, I would like to sort through this bunch and make Conservatives out of Katherine, Michaela, Kiley and Fedora wearer Sam. If Jack number 3 would prove he could be like Donald Trump jr., I would invite him along, as being an American would suit most of these children if they would just hang in there instead of just trying it.