Monday, November 21, 2016

Thought Experiment

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You must have patience grasshopper as for months now groups as the Alt Right have been sowing into the conversation the thought of ala lanterne which in the French Revolution were the People's Tribunals making use of street lamps.

Just as Bill Ayers has the same Obama graduated conditioning of Americans, in terrorizing communities to accept being audited and probed for loans to illegals, over White Americans, it simply requires a bit of time to have the brave Sean Hannity's start blurting out things like hauling Rahm Emanuel in handcuffs.

Julius and Ethel and Bill and Hillary

I hear the chants of "lock her up!" and I think, but the penalty for treason is death.

How is it that the treason and conspiracy to commit espionage of the Rosenbergs not pale in comparison to that of the Clintons?

Why is the execution of the Clintons for their crimes against the country not even discussed as a possibility?

I'm amazed when I ask this question that people will say, it just never occurred to me or I never thought of that.  Death sentences for treason is never brought up, never discussed.

How are the Clintons any less treasonous than the Rosenbergs?   And why is this not being discussed, even if just a thought experiment?   It deepens the perspective of the seriousness of the crimes.

Love your writing.  

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It is at this point that some popular girl started rolling back the dialect and replacing it, as have others to teach people to be ready for a Donald Trump, who is still teaching people. We are an Exodus group of slaves now, and are not yet ready for the measures of Justice which the French cheered heads on pikes. If one assesses the population, they are allowing their children to be beaten and murdered by these Soros terrorists. We also are a people whose law enforcement allowed 4 of it's officers to be shot and murdered this past weekend. San Antonio being them most heinous.

It is a point that the Police State is being shifted to stop preying on Americans, and is about to gain a repetition of learning to unleash their fury on the criminals, protected by the American Justice Department. The American thought is still learning and it is being progressed away from being victims to being Free People.

Be patient as none of us desire any setbacks in this. Just remember that in 2008, most people were hiding under their beds in fear of speaking out about the Birther. Mark Levin still can only get a pair in screaming about a White man in Donald Trump, while giving Obama the Constitutional Crisis an impeachment pass, but it takes some time for them to catch up.
The left is out to lynch President Trump, and has sown into that in impeachment charges, but again understand that we are soon to gain the Police State operation, and begin utilizing it, for a generation in Trump Supreme Court picks.

The entire mechanism will be gained control of, including Mockingbird. Then the process becomes amplified. It is moving, but we have to wait a few more months until Donald Trump is President. He is moving the world already, but we need to wait for the time when there are people in power, surrounded by like minded people serving that office, who will be joking about administering justice in the proper sentence.

It takes time grasshopper, this is not the season yet for the harvest.

The Courts will begin protecting Americans, and the Police State will begin prosecuting the anti American. Keep in mind that every person on the left is not an enemy. Some on the left would welcome the Justice Department cleaning the corrupt DNC of its criminals, so they could join in the leadership of America for Americans.