Thursday, November 3, 2016

To Wine or not to Wine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I just knew when I typed about wine in the November 5th Passover that I was going to have people questioning things, and for some sloven  reason I did not go into detail.

Neither of us drinks; we don't have the taste for it. I'm inclined to think that grape juice (which we do have, I think), drunk in the correct frame of heart and spirit is acceptable. This though is where we'd welcome instruction and correction. We'll happily get wine (have NO idea what's what), if needed. We thank and bless y'all for all your Inspired work and teaching, and pray His Peace for you.

It all comes down to anything as, "People were killed by God for offering strange fire before Him", and yet God is a loving God, in asking yourself if you have wheat allergies and a wafer would kill you, would God expect you to eat wheat?
If you had alcohol problems in addiction, would  God ever expect you to do something that would tempt you?

The answer is God understands everything, and as St. Paul taught, "IT IS IN THE HEART" in how we worship God.

That is not to say that we should turn Communion into Cheetos and Budweiser out of respect to God, but if  grape juice or vinegar (that is what the Romans and poor people drank diluted in water with meals as their "wine") then that is what you consecrate in your heart, by blessing it, or empowering it in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, giving thanks, and remembering the Blood offering of Christ.

For the body, or bread, the unleavened part is something to keep, but even David at the "shew bread" when he was on the run. Just do your best, as you are not starting a religious movement. You are offering yourself before God and remember the Covenant which you are connected to by birth and choice.

I found some Melba toast things as they looked good and something I could afford. I wanted something that God would know in my heart was something that was not some cracker I had from soup 5 years ago laying in the pick up.

For wine, I am going to use my own. I make it out of grape juice, sugar and yeast, and then age it for a bit. TL has a bit of reaction in not handling some kinds of alcohol well. I fortunately drink alcohol like a sponge, but this is not about chugging a cannonball to God.
I am sure He would appreciate my humor....and this goes off subject but the other night in our Bible reading, I was dinking around as I do, in what people would call profane, so the Holy Ghost opened the Bible up to, "The man who troubles his own house, inherits the wind". TL had a great laugh at that one, but it is the relationship I have with the Holy Ghost. He knows I am a character but my heart is never profane against God.
People never realize that God created humor and He is the champion of satire and making fools  of the wise.

The point is, you know what is in your heart to Honor and Glorify God in this breaking of bread in remembering Christ and this Passover which includes Donald Trump.

God bless and guide you with His Holy Ghost in Jesus Name Amen and Amen