Sunday, November 6, 2016

Voting Update: The Clinton Fraud and Trump Surge

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Gun Talk with  Tom Gresham has really come around to doing what is necessary for President Donald Trump, and today he had two callers who provided their voting experience.

In California, an American was voting, and noted a white dude bringing in illegals to vote. The illegal had no idea what they were doing, took the ballot out of the polling station, and of course this Clinton crony filled it out, and the beaner brought it back in and they filed it.

The American asked what the hell was going on, and no one would pay any attention to him, so he left.

In Kansas, Junction City, a gun owing female reported that she stood in line an hour to vote. She asked the election officials how many people voted, and they informed her, 1800 people had voted.
She asked if this was normal, and they said, usually they had just 100 people voting.

I am telling you the Trump surge is there and manifesting, and the only votes being cast for Hamrod Clinton are all fraud related.

Get out and vote, and get there early and try to get a few more people to vote with you.