Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Absent with Leave

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK best update I can do, as we are off the electric grid until at least Saturday or later, and I have to save power for emergencies, God forbid, due to everything being here zapped.
Sure is a bitch of a way to eat up my archives, as I can not even work offline. So that is it, and perhaps will translate to you non donating geniuses what it is like to just read filler for a week and reveal how you do not know a thing, nor do your always experts online.

I ran errands and shopping today was an apocalypse now, of the stores were all dark, and we were handed flashlights to get batteries for emergency supplies. It sucks but no money means no tractor, which means no generator, which means no place which means no blog.

Pisser cold last night. At least am sitting with TL in front of a Mr. Heater scorching ourselves, as the blessed furnace overheats as the thermostat if so far away from the heater. So it is ten minutes on and whatever off, as sometime I do fall asleep.

Puntz is now sleeping on top of the bed. Last night it was too cold by the wall where she was, and I felt this spongy  thing crushing against my let when I moved and it was Puntz. She looked annoyed when I hit her with the flashlight to check.

Just a great deal of black and cold, sort of like the Birther's cadaver I suppose. Odd though hunkering off the net and just staring into the dark until you get tired of running the 10 minutes  of heat, and then being pinned down by a pile of covers.

Oh well, we will now see how smart all of you non donors are and how great all of you pricks who keep thinking bad things about us and getting animals hurt and killed, do on your own.

Be back the Lord willing when things get rectified by the college geniuses who built a system that can be nuked by mother nature terrorism.

Homeland will really have to pump up the volume with nothing to see or hear.