Saturday, December 3, 2016

Auditioning for Hell

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a Christian, it often crosses my mind in people getting killed, how I would not want after being mowed down at a gay bar or burned up at rave club, facing Jesus with that fresh on my account.

I mean a police officer saving a child and dying, or a fireman saving a family, or even some regular person doing a good deed, and something going wrong must look good on the good works resume, and then there are the abomination things like sodomy and drunkards, which do not look so great.

I was thinking of Tom Gresham last week harping about the shooting in New Orleans with the line, "No good comes from being on the street at 1:30 in the morning". It sounded like a popular girl in telling TL, "You can't get into trouble if you are home and in bed".

We exist in an Obama crapper world, where 100% of these dead voted for Obama or did not vote at all, and they believed everything  CNN and Hillary Clinton spouted off about, because the odds are that the people who read their Bibles and read this blog, were home and not auditioning to becoming kindling.

I honestly have never needed the reason to escape from me by hiding in the crowd in sucking their emotions. I have always been someone who prefers solitary, with talking with people on errands or on our walks. That is about as much as I like people around. I do not need alcohol or narcotics, and I am thankful for that. I have never taken a narcotic in my life, and while I have been known to drink like a sieve on occasions, that is something I do not make a practice of.
TL can not really process alcohol, so my enjoyment of making my own wine is sort of sitting there aging, and a quart or whatever of some celebratory wine for Donald Trump's victory night is sitting with a glass out of it, in the way.

I just do not like demons, and demons abound in groups, especially with booze around. That inferno must have been quite delightful for evil, in the numbers of dead they dragged away to hell. Of course it is never
my baby, who is evil, and all of the above will be remembered as better than Jesus, but we all know what these half wits were, and how Godless they all were, or they would not have been there.

None of this is judgment as that is God's. It is the reality that whoremongers, sodomites and drunkards are not going to Heaven, as that is their savior, and it certainly did not save them in none of them wanted to be delivered from evil, but every one of them entertained evil, which destroyed the soul which God intended to be sown with His Holy Ghost, for their Salvation.

The world will go on though. These sinners will dust off some sort of Oprah diety to find meaning in, shed tears, and then divide up the insurance money or try to pass off their debts on the rest of us, and by Christmas, all that will be thought of, "Well, at least she could have done was gone Christmas shopping early before she died, and gotten me that 1000 dollar gift on Amazon, if she really was a good person."

Scripture says  many are called and few are chosen, so most of you have been auditioning for this end in the movie Ghost. No stories about Holy Angels saving people from that inferno now was there.

You sow what you are, evil, selfish, uncaring, self centered, demon influenced and demon possessed evil.

Do you really want your last acts in life smelling like feces, doped up laughing at people not like you, dropping a couple of hundred dollars on that deathstyle, when you could have done some good.

Nuff Said