Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cherry Christmas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have noticed that in the protection of President Donald Trump from those who seek to perform a coup against him, that I have not been able to post anything of the things that numbers of people like reading about in the things going on here. So as there is a slot today, this is a Christmas card and Blessed Christmas to you.

I was discussing this with Puntz a few minutes ago (and yes God knows what evil you sent at her, as she got hurt a week ago in a sore foot and you will be repaid even if it is Christmas, for all your malevolence) in Puntz at times when I cuddle her, makes this awful alley cat complaining like I am killing her and she wants to kill me, but it is all how we communicate as she never does anything, and never tries to get away.

I indulge her as I told her she is an Audrey Hepburn cat in being so beautiful, as Puntz was no doubt have Beauty Grown Pains which is her burden in life. Ms. Hepburn no doubt had the same condition, and bore it well, and so does the Puntz.
She is growing to three times the size when we brought her in. Her routine in the morning in sleeping in Mom's bedroom after she feeds her, and then coming into our bedroom and looking out the window at birds, playing Battle Cat with our gloves on as she goes leopard in back kicking, biting, clawing and pouncing, to a little snooze and then it is on to new adventure.
If you let an animal find most of their boundaries they develop their own personality. I indulge her far too much, but instead of NO, she gets a little air puffed at her by me when she tries to get on the table.
She makes chirping sounds at birds, little grunting sounds in play, an odd purr of delight in talking to us at times, and the mew for food and YES, and of course the alley cat brawl we have before usually going to bed.
She has been a pleasant good deed, as her sister died outside as part of life, and her brother is being fed milk to keep him going to warmer weather.

Belle and Daisy are in good condition. I do not get to spend enough time with them and Daisy let me know in running around the past few days to get yelled at, and to have me chase her.
Belle was in season yesterday, and it is hoped with God's Grace that we can artificial inseminate her sometime next autumn, so she would calve in late spring when it was warm. She is well furred for winter and has her own mind in deciding when to drink, eat, move and whatever goes on in Belle's mind. Daisy pretty much is a big girl now, twice as big as Bell in height. She is a tall girl in a Jersey and I do not think she has figured out she is as big as she is, as she blows by me in leaps and bounds.
I do look forward to day in our place, to get them both bred miniature and  keeping them safe from eagles, coyotes, wolves and cats. It is hoped that Ryan Zinke will open up predator control nationwide to give our non predator wildlife a chance again to increase in numbers. That makes things safer for pets, livestock and people too.

The Goatikins are doing ok. It reminds me I have to worm them as I forgot in all of this election. I get to spend no time with them, but then bucks are not exactly anything you want to spend any time with as they are always horny.
One of the bucks tore down his shelter, and I was busy fixing it, and TL was busy keeping him occupied in his urges and bawling. The thing is with bucks no matter what you do to them to push, hit or whatever, they just love it as that is how they spar and they keep coming back for more.

The rest of the animals are doing good as can be expected in this Oregon cold zone which is engulfing America. I much prefer winter at 78 degrees, shorts and sunny skies. Of course, so do terrorists and Mexicans, so that sort of leaves me to the a world where I can enjoy watching Muslims and Latins freeze in the cold for my entertainment.

The human factor is doing well here in God's Care and we are thankful. Our neighbor had a pacemaker put in, and his son who feeds for us said if his dad had went to sleep that night, he never would have woke up as his heart rate was 40 beats a minute. The old guy had not been feeling good for months, but never said anything. Typical of the "rub some dirt on it" people I live around.

I do a great deal of looking at puppies, but now with Puntz that is a non issue. Of course soon as we got her, there were some puppies that appeared, but it costs nothing to look and pray that they get good homes.

I see by the weather icon I have on the laptop that it is zero degrees. I am in a repeat this phrase now with others, "It doesn't feel too bad out", and it really does not if you have sense to stay out of the wind. Twenty below will get your attention and you will get cold nausea from it, as much as 40 below, but the thing is there really is not that big of difference until you hit below 60 degrees, and then 20 below seems warm like 18 degrees will have me pulling off clothes as I do chores because it is so hot.

I suppose I should close this with too much information, but I am sort of in a place where bathroom books are read, and the co author of this is Puntz, who delights in crawling into my pants and underwear as they are dropped, and there she curls up and sleeps patiently as where on earth else would a kitty be sleeping than there.
Yes I just checked and she is completely out, with no cares in the world.

So from us, to all of our family in the e world, thank you for being you, God bless the poor in our scattered family from Russia, to Australia, to Brazil, to Germany to Canada in readers appear from so many places now,  in God is getting the message out. God bless the wealthy to be good stewards of His Gifts. God bless the Good to have every day in peace, love and joy, and God bless the bullies, the malcontents, plotters and evil people to have a Scrooge epiphany, to become the Spirit of Christmas kept in their hearts every day. In Jesus Name I pray for this, and for Russia and America to never be at war, to protect God's Christian children in the East and the West, so Armageddon never comes to our peoples or our kindreds. Amen and Amen