Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Coups Past, Present, Future

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Reverse Speech pioneer David John Oates on the Rense program with his Kiwi associate, Jenette Teagel, discovered in reversals the reality of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, in three names appeared, and it was not Sirhan Sirhan.

Sirhan in his reversals, speaks of "they" shot RFK and other references, which all link to the Woman in the Polka Dot Dress who was Sirhan's minder and got him to the location for the frame up.


Bush with disease and arm the bomb

Asshole by Bush

Me slip it to the Bush

Background information on the HW Bush link.

Bay of Pigs, Operation Zapata........Bush Zapata oil was the operational cover for the Bay of Pigs

Reversal: Does Shuester have power?

Background information on who Shuester might be.

Bud Shuester, powerful Republican, Congressman Bill Shuester is his son.
Recruited by local CIA as his first job, and infiltrated local civil rights movements.

LBJ reversal on RFK death:  

See the Bush

I care nothing for the Bush connection to the assassination of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. What is of interest is the first matrix connection of "arm the bomb". All of this was about the acquiring of nuclear weapons by the Israeli state which JFK was against, and hidden in all of this has always been the intrigue of the nuclear arming of the Israeli state.

By these reversals, we now know under the layers of cover up in focusing attention on other parties conned into this, that it all was hiding the unknown connection of Prescott Bush and HW Bush to the Jewish regime in Tel Aviv and gaining for the cartel a Jewish nuclear weapon's arsenal.

JFK was against this, Nixon was against this, and both were removed. Under LBJ, nuclear fuel disappeared from American arsenals and appeared in Israel for their first nuclear bombs.

This same group in America is engaged in a coup against President Donald Trump again, emerging from Lindsey Graham and John McCain, along with other assets.

Keep it in mind.