Saturday, December 17, 2016

Donald Trump did win the Popular Vote in America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you remember what  the Lame Cherry informed you of in the beauty of the Electoral College in always protecting the American will, so we were not ruled by the coasts in huge population states like California and New York, has now made it absolutely official in President Donald Trump won the popular American vote in the 49 States and Territories by over a million vote margin.

It was only when California which is filled with diseased and murderous, American job takers in Jerry Brown vote fraud, that Hillary Clinton obtained her several million vote "lead".

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY: Outside California, Clinton Is A ...

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY: ... he got 56.2% of the vote, on average. Of the states Clinton won, ... in the overall popular vote is that California gave Clinton a ...

So the reality is, in Mexico, China, Iran and India, the American President Donald Trump did not win the popular vote as the ballot frauds were in California stuffing votes for Hamrod Clinton.

It is time to begin the deportation of these invaders of American lands and green card invaders of American jobs. Removing 10 million frauds from California will not only put California in play, but Orange County will no longer be under siege.
President Trump must make this a top priority for his re election, for the simple math of America can not have several million illegals and terror Indians voting against Americans ever again. Remove them, and California will become Republican in the State Government and in national elections.

The proof is in the vote, if not for the Electoral College, America would not be ruled by California communists in all the Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese and Indians voted illegally for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

How California voters may hand Clinton the popular vote ...

... when he won the popular vote but lost the presidency. ... Clinton's lead in California is so huge it could keep her ahead in the popular vote.

Crackdown on the invaders and the nonsense of California secession ends.

Deport California invaders, green carders and arrest the Jerry Brown's and California becomes Republican. This is a top priority with the Trump Wall or the Wall does not matter as the criminals are inside America overthrowing elections already.
This was America's last chance.