Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Each of us has a Calling

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I have been wondering what to do with this blog after this almost 2 year fight to stop the destruction of God's heritage in America, and moving to keeping Christians safe in the East by the hand of Vladimir Putin. I had sworn off all of the politics as I was not going to enable evil, and yet when God moved me in Donald Trump being the last chance, I put all I had into this to much hurt.

The Lady whom God worked through to assemble the framework of Christians who God then enlisted to give America the victory on November 9th, mentioned something to me recently in all she has suffered and gone through in this, and that is what Inspires this and I hope that God allows me to teach you this as a theme of this blog, because it is all that is important.

This post is entitled, Each of us has a Calling. For most we cringe at that, as we have been lied to about a "calling" is preaching from a pulpit or going off to Africa to pet the Negro. The Bible teaches something completely different though as Jesus said,  "Many are called and few are chosen".

So we all have a calling as God calls to us every day, whether we are saved or have rejected God. Those who embrace contact with God and those who fight God every day.

Callings are manifold and manifest in every way. The person who had the donkey colt for Jesus to ride on, on Palm Sunday had a calling, as you can not ride into Hosanna if the person did not raise and care for that colt.
The woman who anointed Jesus with perfume had a calling, and Jesus said she would never be forgotten, and here she is thousands of years later, proving Christ right every time.

There  is a wonderful Christian hymn of, "If you can not be a watchman standing high on Zion's wall, you can teach the little children, you can say He died for all".

We have a calling daily, to do good when it appears and to recognize it, even if it is a smile or being polite. It does not have to be St. Paul going to Rome.

The calling though has a call back, and God is  always waiting upon you for that call. That is what I would hope to make you aware of today in time with God as God loves you, and God enjoys immensely hearing from you in whatever you have in requests, joys, sorrows or praise.

I have been taught that I can think things and God is paying attention and things appear. I have been taught that GOD HELP ME when in danger works as much as hours of prayer, as God is always paying attention to me, and everyone else too.

I have found though, that in my yearnings I am too much hanging onto them, and that is something I believe it was Martin Luther the Protestant Reformer who God utilized to give Jesus back to His People, taught the absolute necessity of prayer.

Dr. Luther almost 500 years ago, said that we should pray before we go to sleep, in leaving before God all of our wants, worries and whatever else, asking for God to solve things, and then going to sleep trusting God is solving everything.
That for me is what my problem has been in not releasing things, but hanging onto them, and going to sleep with them weighing on me, and I wake up with the same burden.

Telling ourselves that, "We gave it to God and trust the outcome from God no matter what it brings", is the way we sleep in God's Peace at night, and awake expectant like Christmas to open a present.

God has ways of working things out. I mentioned about that 9 inch square pan as I had a cover for it. It took like 2 years, as apparently someone had to die first for the transfer to the second hand shop, but God is paying attention and has every prayer marked down to be fulfilled. Sometimes it is not as we thought it would be, but every time we receive things, we find out that God was right about it all along.

For example, several years before I met TL, I really wanted this little farm place by the lake. It was the home of where one of my puppy's fathers lived. It was perfect and God did not give it to me. Then the neighbor sold an adjoining lot of land and reams of city people built cabins there. That would have been a disaster for me in not wanting that, but God knew as God always knows, and has something or someone better to answer a prayer.

In prayer, you speak God's Name as in Our Father, as this activates Him. You then speak however the Holy Ghost moves you. If you have not asked, invite the Holy Ghost into your heart to help you in everything. You do this with absolute CARE though as this is God's Presence in you and completely Perfect. You show absolute respect to the Holy Ghost always, as He is hurt easily and He is the most precious Gift from the Father and Jesus.

Practice makes perfect in prayer. I do not mean you have to be an orator, but what you are really doing is concentrating on speaking with God. The aura or soul you have, with the Holy Ghost in you, makes a connection with God and this becomes more strong each time you pray, and each time you pray you are growing in energy or force as a Light of God.

God called you, but He made you powerful in that calling.

John chapter 1

But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name:

Power to become an offspring of God. That sons of God, can be Light to become the Light of God, Power to become as God is, Transforming your soul to become the Spirit of God in you.

You are as a flower in a greenhouse here. God is growing you in the soil of this earth, to transform you to the beauty of the heavens in light.

We are in this world, but not of  this world. We are in this world, but God is in us.

God will always make things easier for you, but satan will make things harder, but you will overcome in Jesus. The hardships though are like carrying a pack in the military. As we are attacked worse from satan, our pack becomes lighter in Jesus helps us carry it and we become stronger and stronger, or in reality Brighter and Brighter in the Light of God in us.

Pray without ceasing, meaning, you are always listening to God or talking to Him, as this is a Spiritual conversation in your heart to God. You will be able to think and talk about work or anything, and yet in your heart be yearning to God about things, and God will be communicating with you in your heart for Good.

You do not need a Church, do not need a Priest, do not need a someone making inroad to God, because you are the Church, and Jesus is your Priest and the One Who opened all access to our Father in Heaven. It simply requires you to be wherever you are when moved to talk with God, in the expectation that God hears you all the time as He promised and that God will solve whatever you have on your mind.

There is no right or wrong in prayer. Jesus taught us how to pray in the Lord's Prayer, and on the Cross simply commended Himself into the Father's Care in trusting God the Father. There is you, and there  is God and that is all that is required to making it right. You should understand that you have an eternity with God coming after this life, so you should rightly begin knowing God here on this earth.

Now, may God help you by His Holy Ghost in prayers. May He give you confidence in prayers to see and know results, often enough so you are not discouraged, and hold you in the Faith that God is Faithful until the season when that prayer will be completed in the best possible way for you.

In Jesus Name I pray this for you, Amen and Amen