Friday, December 9, 2016

HAARPing on Cold

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The absolutely impossible Arctic cold which came to America from Oregon, has now had hurricane force winds on the American Great Plains out of the west and northwest for.......5 days. That again is impossible as fronts have rotational winds, so what is the reality?

HAARP is being employed against America, for the global purpose of using up all of your gasoline and propane supplies, so prices can then be driven up gouging you in a cold winter. Do not ever think that HAARP has only one purpose, but it is employed to extract billions from Americans too.

Of course this will hurt the Trump recovery, which it is intended, as cheap energy brings prosperity to Americans.

Call this Lame Cherry Concentrate as there is not any sense in making you read pages when a few paragraphs will let you know why Oregon is the new Arctic, why the air feels warm, as everything is plunged is atmospheric flip. They made Alaska cold when it was warm all summer, and then pushed that air over the west coast to experiment in how it would move weather patterns across North of the benefits is robbing Americans of their money in higher fuel costs and hampering President Trump.

All of this happened on cue with the OPEC announcement of cutting production...........America though has stockpiles and this is how one depletes those stockpiles.