Thursday, December 8, 2016

It was a Hillary Clinton Inside Job

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK so we got Hillary Clinton claiming Russian hacked the election for Donald that is gangster John McCain, while it is Hillary Clinton who is defending pedophiles in pizzagate from Alex Jones listeners. Yes that is it, Hillary Clinton is the one defending pedophiles in fake news stories to protect her pedophile and or friends, associates and donors or whoever, that are not Russians.

OK so we got Maxine Waters and the Hillary Clinton fem posse blaming the White Supremacists for her defeat.......I know it is hard, as Donald Trump does not know the Alt Right like Mike Cernovich or whatever he has disavowed now that the election is over.......but depending on who you talk to, it is the Russians, the White Supremacists or Fake News for Hillary Clinton's demise.

But now we find out, it was goddamn muthafuckin ho bangin' voodoo......sorry was trying to do the shout out to our man Kayne as that Kim drove the brother nuts and he had to flee for his life.

I digress, but it is the real shit sherlock, in voodoo did in Hamrod Clinton. Here read the story.


Clinton greeted by sobbing women on Capitol Hill...

That mutha Terry  McAuliffe goes and puts the sympathetic magic on olde sick Hamrod Clinton ,while Podesta has the satan chic doing the demon diners, drawing on walls with piss, mother's milk, uterus blood and I don't know what all that magik was about, but it was one hell of a voodoo curse, and put the mojo in motion, and there comes Terry McAuliffe going and naming a chicken after Hillary Clinton, and what happens but the chicken goes feathers up.

I mean talk about worse than omens. You got cult central in the big witch Hamrod, having her main money exchange guy, who is buying FBI agents, conjuring all sorts of shit from Jinns in the White House to Jinns in the Jinns in the OPEC oil bribes and enough wave that when Terry McAuliffe, the fricking crook governor of Virginia names a hen after Hamrod, his personal pet favorite, that when the soul catchers comes, some poor old chicken can not go but Colonel Sanders being the namesake of Hamrod.

Now we know, from all the bluster of Fake News, Russians and Pedophile Pizza, that is not what did in Hamrod Clinton. No it was her own folk, conjuring demon dinners and naming chickens after Hamrod who were all to blame.

Seriously sistah, why do you think all them witchdoctors are slaying and gutting them chickens? It is because all that chit that satanic chic doing the body fluid graffiti and mock sacrifice with Will Ferrell at the dinner theater, and someone did not boost the wave in payment not made, so the collection service got the chicken.

Note to Hamrod, never let the dude name the pet chicken after you....probably got dizzy eating dead bug spray flies and why Hamrod went zombie brain.............hell damn chicken probably caught bird flu in why Hillary was hacking up a lung every few days.

Those are the facts, no fake news, from the gov's mouth was an inside job that did in Hillary Clinton and it was a fricking chicken.