Tuesday, December 6, 2016

LC Thanks You


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I simply do not know what to do sometimes in the Holy Ghost leads to verses to post here, so I post them to the seared souls who they are a testimony against, and then I receive letters from Christians which rips the Spirit in me, in they are the good children of God, and apologizing for things they have already done in Christ.

Hi LC,

I am truly sorry for taking so long to donate to you.  I hope that these funds will come in handy for you this winter and holiday season.  I wanted to send a special thank you to you for all of the work that you have done and continue to do in electing and trying to talk some sense into Donald Trump.  You have fought hard and done more than almost anyone in speaking the truth about President Elect Trump and I know that you have sacrificed a lot over the past year.  The small amount of funds that I have sent today pales in comparison to what you deserve for all that you have done.  I am a continued follower and reader of your blog and thank the good Lord in Heaven for you and for showing me the truth.  I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will protect you and give you a special place in his kingdom for all that you do here for his children.

God continues to bless me and my family and I know that I don’t give enough, but some is better than nothing.  You and TL keep reminding how important it is to do the right thing and that the ultimate prize is a place in heaven serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  I forget most of the time that my time here is fleeting and that I need to make sure that I live my life in a way that honors my King, the Lord Jesus Christ, and not myself or Satan.  That post from yesterday titled “MINE” really hit home and thanks again for posting that for me as I know that God wanted me to see that at just the right time.

I pray for you, your mother, TL, and all of your animals and hope that Jesus will bless you and strengthen you to continue your writings.  Please just remember that you have a true friend out in Las Vegas.

God Bless You,

There are many of you who are the Good in this world, and this Jeff I first met a few years ago, as he asked me about a religious question, and through his letters, I have learned what an exemplary gentleman he is. He struggles as we all do, but that is what the Christian Life is, Jesus carries us through to be better each day.

I heard from Captain Kirk  to in asking if he was doing enough, and of course he was, because none of you signed up to have me carried around on your hips, as you have lives of your own and responsibilities and sometimes troubles that the devil heaps up in traps.

When the Holy Ghost or the Father, or Christ is informing people to stop being Pharisees, are the same holier than thou types, who can find the devils way to talk themselves out of not ever donating or making excuses not to donate, because they are poor,  and then TL happens to show me some Facebook post and I am like the Russians in the Soviet Union, looking at the nice homes, nice cars and whatever, and I am thinking, "Yeah, you really are poor". Most people have over 100 dollar per month internet service plans, which is all Glory to God great, but then comes the television and other things and I  think again, "Yeah you really are hurting there".

I just keep reminding myself that I am working for God, and thankful I have a few good neighbors here. On our walk the other day, we helped one put up a snow fence, and I just got in from feeding cattle, as in the drought we had, I had to buy feed this year, and none of you ever experienced feed bills after that ass Soros spiked all prices, and while beef has fallen by 1/3rd, feed is still 5 times higher than it should be.
I am not stating that to beg money, but it is the fact of the economy in how f*cked up Obama has made it in inflation and it seems a very long way to spring.

I am not a blessing counter, nor do I sing praises, as I am tired and I hate those hard to sing songs. I do have a grateful heart and I try to be like Pollyanna or Little  Mary Sunshine in looking for something good, as my neighbor just said, "It wouldn't be so bad if that wind was not so cold".
There are silver linings in my other neighbor did not have feed, but has some grain millet bales, he is selling me which I do not know the price of, but the cattle and horses seemed to be eating the stuff. No God forbid they flounder or bloat and it is a lesson for when we do get our land, in I can double crop that. In every adversity is something good to teach.

I hope that the above letter in it's goodness heartens many of you who are good, who write and do not write, so you know you are not alone. That the Light of Christ shines in this world, even after all the evil which we have endured.
It just is a fact that many are called and few are chosen, and all of us who voted for Donald Trump, are still a problem, as the cartel with what appears these Kurschner Pence Trolls, who  trolled Blacks and others in Project Alamo, are tracking us down and harping on social media trying to shout us down, as we are supposed to smile and not defend President Trump from their intrigue.

For Jeff, it might be of interest, that often when I write these postings each day, I think about what he said in reading them in the morning when he can, and I wonder when I post things later how that affects his reading. See as flawed as I am, I do pay attention to things you say, and I do wonder about your days and pray for your safety and health.

I better head it down the trail as that Arctic blast out of Oregon is coming due on all of us, and I still live in an area where the weather dictates your day and night.

God bless the Good.

PS: For those who missed that last part, when Obama was seizing power back in that 2008, I was threatened by a GOP scoundrel who mocked my writing that, in God had better things to do than deal with elections. I smile over it yet, because I told God that I could not do this blog if that creep was threatening me.
Three weeks later, he had an appendicitis, went home, got an infection and went tits up.
It seems God did care about the Good, and knew this blog would be necessary for 2016. Yet it is the individuals God works through me to help which are the true measure of Love.