Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mike Pence Crosses the Criminal Line

 Do not forget any of you that in the first interview Pence did
that he stated he was ready to be President, and not he was ready
to help President Trump.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As only the Indianapolis Star media, and the ALT LEFT bigots have been covering this story of the crimes of Mike Pence while charging that the Christian Conservative Press would not, it falls to the Lame Cherry to ask the questions of "What did Mike Pence know and when did Mike Pence know it", as we who voted for Donald Trump, did not vote for a embezzler and someone who thinks he is above the law. Literally Mike Pence is become the Spiro Agnew of the Nixon Administration crimes.

All  of this started when the Obama regime was paying states to take in invaders. You would remember this as Bush43's community group funding, which bribes Republican states to take in terrorists by Jewish, Catholic and Lutheran charities taking the per head fee for this human traffic trade.
In a unanimous opinion, the appeals court said Gov. Pence acted illegally in accepting federal money for refugee resettlement and then refusing to use that money to aid Syrian refugees.

This story on NPR, is not Nina Totenberg propaganda, but quoting the Courts. The Courts stated that Mike Pence acted ILLEGALLY, and that is a crime. Thank God this story did not sink the Trump Campaign for Hillary Clinton, but it is a fact that Mike Pence alone almost got Hillary Clinton the margin to steal this election.

Somewhere in this Mike Pence as Governor, literally engaged in embezzlement as he took Obama federal funding for invader resettlement, then refused the Muslims into Indiana. The Courts all ruled against Pence, and if you pulled this, you would be facing 20 years to life, because you simply could not get money from FHA for a home, and then go spend it on a new car.

When President Trump has defended Mike Pence, each time Mike Pence has stabbed the President in the back, as in the Hamilton disaster. But when Mr. Trump is being smeared, Mike Pence goes out of his way to act holier than though concerning Trump "sins".

The entire issue of this is a hidden working paper, hidden by Mike Pence and his Indiana kangaroo court writing new law shredding the US Constitution in checks and balances. Mike Pence redacted the entire "working paper" by one of his political allies in an event of Pence joining a lawsuit, and using public funds in hiring expensive private attorneys. Whatever Pence is hiding in this, is something embarrassing and nothing any Trump voter would want any part of. What Pence is up to, is the same smarminess of Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush  and Paul Ryan.

Zoeller authorized Pence to hire attorneys Peter Rusthoven and Joe Chapelle from the Indianapolis law firm of Barnes & Thornburg to represent Indiana in the 17-state immigration order challenge led by Gov.-elect Greg Abbott, the Texas attorney general.

Rusthoven billed the state $475 per hour in 2011 when he was hired as outside counsel for Indiana's lawsuit against IBM over a failed welfare privatization scheme.

Mike Pence has a history of having money problems in using campaign funds for personal use while in Congress, and one of his other ventures was using public finds for his own propaganda network in Indiana in something called JUST IN.

The reason none of you have heard about the crimes and repulsive misbehavior of Mike Pence is because he has been the Big Koch ringer from Day One. He leaked to the GOPliter media that he was the VP when he was not, and forced Mr. Trump to pick him at that crucial moment, has been leaking non stop in planting smear stories since, and joined with Jared Kurschner to throw out the Trump loyalists and deluge us with these ghastly Mitt Romney picks, while slamming the door shut on all of the Trump backers like Sarah Palin, and all the other Conservative Christians.
Mike Pence got complete cover for his crimes from the Obama, Clinton and Bush presswhores, because he serves the very criminal enterprise all of them are in the antithesis of President Donald Trump and what Americans all voted for on November 9th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

President Trump has trusted Mike Pence, but the things that Mike Pence has brought into the Trump Trans is endangering the President's agenda, and endangering the American Dream all of us placed in Mr. Trump while voting for him.

It is a certainty that Mike Pence has absolutely no character in removing himself from the Electoral College, as this manipulative person, almost sank the Trump Campaign in October when an Appeals Court ruled that Mike Pence acted illegally.

We do not need another Spiro Agnew resignation. We do not need another liberal witch hunt against Dick Cheney to get at Bush43 in US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. It is time that President Trump fires this conduit of crime in Mike Pence.

So each of you understands the damning ruling in this, this was a 3 Judge Panel of Conservatives, and one of these Judges is on President Trump's list for the Supreme Court. This is who damned Mike Pence in October, and it is time to replace Mike Pence with a Vice President who is not engaged in cover ups and crimes condemned by the courts and the public.

The three-judge panel that issued the ruling is an all-star group of conservative judges, including one of the judges on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

Hillary Clinton was not the only crook in this election. Mike Pence was right beside her in hidden emails, investigations and illegal use of influence and moneys.