Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Problem with You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I noticed this past week one of these pontificators who thinks what they think matters, in posting on Facebook that they had six problems with Rex Tillerson.

Yes who gives a damn what some rock chucker is ranting about, but it places into the reality of what God has problems with the 6 Point Man.

Point one: This person is upset that Tillerson as a corporate CEO guided funds to Planned Parenthood. Yes the worst of crimes, but as this 6 Point Man is online and not in prison, I presume his morals stop at protesting in not paying his taxes to the IRS as his taxes are spent funding Planned Parenthood.

6 Point Man has chosen his freedom of his principles with God.

Point two: This person is upset with Tillerson over the implementation of gays in the Boy Scouts. Yes, the worst of sodomy..........but there he is a member posting on Facebook which is Rainbow sodom, and his presence there helps fund Facebook in ads.

6 Point Man is not just following the law as Tillerson was, but 6 Point Man is raising Facebook revenue for sodomites against the principles of God. Then again 6 Point probably uses Google, uses Youtube, Uses Amazon in his sodomy backing.......but that of  course is nothing 6 Point considers.

I did not bother reading whatever Pharisee rants this troll was ranting about, because the factual point is as Jesus said, the children of this world can always damn others, but make excuses for their sins.

It really is an experience in life, to constantly put everything on the line to try and save Darwintards, and once the Good Lord wins the victory for Donald Trump, there are these people doing their satan self righteous worst to kill all of us, because something is not going according to their judgmental standards.
If you look around, the reason trolls are on Facebook is because everyone hates their overbearing diatribes in real life. The spouses and children thank God when the troll skulks down to the basement to bully others, so they will have some peace. People see them coming in real life and finish their coffee on the run to get the hell away from them.

The best analogy of this is when you buy a bag of apples. Not all are fancy apples if there are a dozen. You get about 4 good ones, 3 green ones hid in the bottom and 5 that are either sour or pithy. You don't throw them away, but use them in a pie  by adding some sugar.
President Trump is the sugar and spice which makes bad pie apples nice.

Is Rex Tillerson a bad apple? Not when it comes to Russia which is thee only issue America faces, as I have stated, "Fix Russia and you fix 95% of American problems".  Mr. Tillerson is that fix.

The problem with most Americans is they have been so conditioned to commit suicide in destroying themselves, that they look for ways to sabotage the very people who are going to give them a chance. It is why the Caucasians are being obliterated under the Obama regime, as they are competitors to the globalists.

Every one of us is tainted by this world now.  We have in our midsts the worst self destructive morons who are looking to pick fights with everyone and destroy people trying to help them, because  the Obama mind conditioning has taken all the validation from people. It is why the Clinton maniacs are melting down and why Blacks are gunning each other down in Chicago. People no longer have the quiet self assuredness in knonwing they do not have to prove anything. Instead, we have people with no self esteem grabbing any spotlight to spew venom to calm the little child in them on a message board for a moment.

Six Point Man was telling the world not  that he had problems with Rex Tillerson, but that deep inside of him, he does not measure up and has failed, and so demands that others be perfect to make up for his failures. None of that does 6 Point, America, President Trump or any of us any good. It is compounded by there being now millions of these half wits in every political spectrum of tuning out or tuning in, and they all think they are the most intelligent turnip in the row.

After making issue here of the damage of Mike Pence and his group, President Trump has corrected the situation and by God's miracle we now have Christian Conservatives who make Ronald Reagan look moderate in Rex Tillerson, Pruitt at EPA, Zinke at Interior, and Rick Perry at Energy, and that means Texas is going to manage energy and they get things right. If one matches the General cast, we have a stellar cabinet which Mr. Trump has assembled. I hope we get a Texan into Agriculture to, to sort that all out as that will complete what is thee best cabinet America will have serving us and the President, since Ronald Reagan.

The problem with every person is that they either see God seeing them as failures and never allow themselves to shine or they think by damning the world that God will not see them for the failures they are.

There are cures for 6 Point Men. One of the best is a Homeland interview. It is amazing how quiet brats get when things like that takes place on their door step.

It is ok in the silence, as my brother has disappeared now too.

I have noticed the Trump Victory Celebrations.........the people have not gone away. Those who are thinking about throwing down on President Trump, should probably take into account the kind of BUILDING support President Trump has.........and how little the 6 Point Men have.

So do you want to be on the side of Donald Trump in finding solutions or on the side of John McCain for American Genocide.