Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nation Destroyer Obama

Obama the Christian Church Destroyer in Syria

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Someone was asking awhile back what the Obama legacy is which is important, as I recall Paul Simon backing Obama, John Fogerty backing Obama, Paul McCartney crooning to Michelle Obama, and yet not one word was ever said about the 400,000 dead in Syria, due to the fact that Barack Hussein Obama, initiated regime change in Syria using terrorism.

Aleppo was Syria's greatest city of lights. It was  the Paris of the Mideast. The photos above of a Christian Church and what it is now, are equally abhorrent as those below in what Barack Hussein Obama did to Syria.
This was NOT President Assad.
This was NOT President Putin.
This was NOT Syrians.
This was not even Jews.

This was Barack Hussein Obama for the Soros globalists, looking to create a southern front on Russia in order to shatter the Republic there to steal her oil and raw resources. That was Russia's great "crime". That was Syria's great "crime". The same "crime" that the Germans were vilified over by this same community organized cartel.

It is disgusting what Barack Hussein Obama and his regime inflicted on Syria, on Ukraine, on Libya, on Yemen,........one America. This is the Obama legacy, and you can thank John McCain and Paul Ryan for not saying one damned word about any of this. In fact, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio were backing the terrorists.

Remember these photos and  the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama, for this is his entire war criminal regime's legacy and all should be tried before a Nuremberg Court.

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