Thursday, December 8, 2016

North Dakota Oil Contaminated with Radioactive Waste

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This was brought to my attention by an Auntie I have that lives in the middle of oil boom USA in North Dakota. She is a bit of an activist and for some reason likes her state to not be this Whore Oil cesspool.

The thing is, that is the thing in this, in you got Standing Rock and those damned terror Indians, who nobody gives a shit about, except the liberals who like thinking Indians are pets, like missionaries keep blacks about in Africa, or some people have dogs, transferring all their hurts onto something that scalps them, rapes them or bites them if given a chance,  and the real issue are the headlines below in the miracle of Watford City.

If you do not know what a Watford City is, think of it as an expensive oil ghetto, which North Dakota built up, and now is emptying due to low oil prices, but there is a peach of a prize left behind, like the smouldering nuclear waste dump in St. Louis from the Atomic War, in North Dakota does not dispose of radioactive they just dump it along the highway to let it glow in the dark.

Yes North Dakota has apparently high radiation oil.

Health Dept., engineers: Oil field waste landfill safe | The ...

Health Dept., engineers: Oil field waste ... "I'd hate to have North Dakota become a waste dump for ... "I drive Highway 85 every day and I can't see how this ...

Now I would think this "safe" landfill according to the experts would be an issue to the environmentalists if they cared about North Dakota and those "fightin' Sioux" (The NCAA made the University of North Dakota take that name off that school, but sure as shit stinks, there is Obama raising hell with those fighting Sioux again on Standing Rock)

I digress.

From what I have been told, and that is the real data, which Jim Kirwan would probably be interested in, if he was not fixated on Indians and posting about that Dakota Access Pipeline, is this radioactive oil field waste dump is emitting picocuries above "safe" levels now, after the media was telling everyone it was other words Watford City, now has on a busy highway, not only a stinking oil waste field, but it is emitting glow in the dark radiation hazardous to humans and all other life.

Who needs nuclear war, when you have Obama and Buffett frac'ing in North Dakota, and making a Hiroshima in the land of Teddy Roosevelt. Make no mistake about this my children, Obama is like ugly on Michelle over methane burning off and puddles as lakes in North Dakota, but when it is their Big Wall Street oil investors, they can dump radioactive oil all over North Dakota, and the EPA or NRC do not show up to shut  things down.

Second radioactive oil waste site found in North Dakota | Al ...

Second radioactive oil waste site found in North Dakota. ... North Dakota this week confirmed the discovery of a new radioactive dump of waste from oil drilling.

Of all things, I will let Al  Jazeera explain, as they want American drilling for oil and gas stopped for Saudi Terror Oil, but this is something none of you know, and it is IMPORTANT, and that includes President Donald Trump.

North Dakota this week confirmed the discovery of a new radioactive dump of waste from oil drilling. And separately, a company hired to clean up similar waste found in February at another location said it had removed more than double the amount of radioactive material originally estimated to be there.
The twin disclosures highlight a growing problem from North Dakota's booming Bakken oil development, and for other oil and gas operations across the country: the illegal disposal of radioactive material from drilling sites.
Rocks deep in the earth contain naturally radioactive material, and when those rocks are drilled for oil and gas the drilling equipment and water can become slightly irradiated. As more drilling occurs across the nation, experts warn of a brewing crisis of leftover radioactive materials.

So you get this, there are natural uranium etc.... pockets of radioactive rock across America. Some are concentrated in the deep earth, as in some western states where mining was a boom, or where LaVoy Finicum was murdered, as Russia had Clinton Foundation uranium mining interests there........but the drills for oil or gas, penetrate these hot spots, and then bring up the slurry. In most instances, it is filtered and concentrated, and then dumped in only where satan knows where illegally.

Radioactivity does not "wear off", as it stays in slurry, water and even steel drilling rigs. For economic reasons and for plunder reasons, North Dakota simply handed out above ground toxic waste dumps, along major highways, and lying to the people there that everything is safe, when it is a hazard to humans.

Now I desire for each of you to focus on something in Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and Pennsylvania, who have oil and gas production in quantity, in each of you have the same toxic nuclear waste in your states, unless of course they are dumping it into another state illegally, the Great Lakes or the oceans. None of this is an issue, and the reason it is not an issue, is because the cartel funds these eco terrorists in order to squeeze out American energy producers, and then to swoop in and buy up the bankrupt companies.

Is it not amazing that in all of these states there has not been one politician or EPA official who shut any of this down, or fined anyone? Not when the People do not matter, and it is all Wall Street super bucks.

This is the huge story in North Dakota and other energy producing states,  as this is going to expand as America needs more oil and gas to get off of OPEC terror oil. We have to not allow toxic concentrations of radioactive waste to be dumped in our back areas, where they are going to cause billions of dollars in problems later, like that inferno next to St. Louis, which was another government disaster in which corners were cut.

Once again the Lame Cherry brings to you the real story of what matters, and exposes why the Indian terrorists are frauds with their rent a terror allies, as none of them care about the environment of this would be the focal issue. This is about their oil bribes in trying to extort more.

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