Sunday, December 18, 2016

Obama and satanic worship

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I was sorting through photos of the Obama destruction of Aleppo Syria, including a Christian Church in that Secular Islamic land, I was looking for photos of Obama pointing, and came across the above photo which is real.

I was not paying attention until I closing tabs down, and then I noticed something about what image Obama was pointing at with glee.

If you do not see it yet, here is the blow up of it.

Yes it is a Pentagram, a satanic symbol in some "artwork" and Obama is relishing the association with it, and shows absolutely no Christian aversion to the sign of pagan witchcraft and demonic ritual.

For those who do not understand what the Pentagram is, think of it as one of the limbs of the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life. All of these geometric patterns in motion, make up a "frequency" or song, and the symbol 5 has a specific power structure associated with it, to complete the Sphere of Life or the Circle of Life or the One of God.

I do not know any normal person who would be laughing with glee being associated with demonic or witchcraft symbols, but the above does not lie.

There are all sorts of bizarre satanic worship around Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. Obama has a demonic monkey he keeps in his pants from India.

Nuff Said