Sunday, December 25, 2016

Presents not under the Tree

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am just disappointed in that matrix. I stroke it and I stroke it and it still goes coy with me.

Like a few weeks ago, a certain relative wrote a letter saying how bad things were, so I decided to inquire as to what it was, being this was my godfather, even though anything godly in that relationship never manifested.

The matrix pointed to he would die on December 25th, be revived and then die on December 31st.

So imagine my brother who lives across country, tells Mom who phoned him this Christmas day, to find out that the godfather went tits up December 24th.

Sure I prayed he would repent and things like family comfort for the family as it is  what God expects, but I tell you that matrix better get on the stick. Missing the toe tag by a day, and hinting at a week, just is not up to my precise standards.

Oh you didn't know I can ascertain when people die? All sorts of abilities in thangs I know, but I need to study this, as could you imagine some hondo says to me, "Hey there popular girl, here is 500, 000 dollars, now tell me when I am going to die?" So I do my thing and say....."Here you go hondo, you are going toe tag February 20th", and the rascal goes out running whores and dies the 19th, thinking he could clean up and do the repenting on the 18th.
Just have to make sure he pays the whole 500 g's up front as work is work, and I can't help if some whore says, "Can't that cheap bastard just die with the bitty dick", and God answers the whore prayer, and I would be out 500 g's because of a tight wad and a little dick.

Thing is I been tracking some people and they just do not die on schedule either. Suppose it is the different time lines......never can tell, might be taking longer to put in a tampon than usual, so they miss a meteorite impact or something.

Maybe my Christian prayers changed the time line too. All should have more input to my feelings in this, as I have been doing the inquiring after all and knowing the time windows flex due to wills is great information, but it hardly is pleasing to a scientific mind like me.

Well, time to eat cherry pie, watch the Christmas Carol by Dickens, and wait for the plume from the holocaust crematorium, as godfather was a fat man, and I suspect the glaciers to melt when they light him up.

Merry Christmas, hope yours had presents not under the tree too.

I think I should check on the other relative as don't want any more pleasant surprises.