Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Searching for Islamic Anis

Anis Amri

Berlin Attack - Police Look For Tunisian Muslim
After Finding ID In Truck - Was Driver THAT Dumb?!

(You do remember the 9 11 identification found on a New York City street, after a jet crashed in a fire ball into the Twin Towers right? How his ID fell out of his pocket at 500 mph and looked newly minted.)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The search for the Muslim who made Bratworst of Germans in Berlin is that he has been afforded a 2 day running start by Berlin police.......well it was like a year start as Anis, pronounced ANUS, has been on a terror spree in Germany, trying to set up his own terror cell by advertising in mouth media looking for other terrorists and trying to purchase guns from local police.

I don't know why the American BATF does not offer guns to Trump voters, as I bet they could  give some good deals, as German police do not arrest terrorists trying to buy guns, so what would be the harm in selling howitzers to Trump supporters?

I digress.

So Anis Amri, pronounced ANUS, is now on the loose somewhere in Europe........probably is on some Obama rescue flight and landed in New York City to bestow some Christmas cheer in the Americas.

I do though seek to help police in this around the globe or at least politicians in they should probably put those safety locks on trucks, that they are always trying to put on guns, in order to keep Muslims from these dangerous truck weapons. In the meantime, I think a nice concrete barrier wherever Germans are congregated being Germans would be nice, or the best method of shipping all of those Muslims back to their Islamic states ASAP, along with Angela Merkel, the frau importer of Muslim terrorism.

If you look at this photo, you know this Anis pronounced ANUS did not beat up this big Pole the Pole was alive at the time of the crash, so we have a beat up Pole, a butchered Pole and a shot Pole, after the event............odd how no one apparently heard a gun shot. Probably too many VOTE FOR MERKEL ads blaring on the loudspeakers.

Thing is, it is obvious that as the Germans for Merkel police state did not arrest this terrorist, but did not supply this terrorist with succor, that someone certainly did, and they have now gotten Anis pronounced ANUS safely away.

Now that begs the question of why did Berlin police lie to the public, shut down the investigation to provide a window of escape, and only after the Lame Cherry started posting on the realities of this, have we now a disjointed story of more deflections to the public.

I am not going to solve this all, as it was solved far enough. I simply wanted to post about searching for Muslim Anis pronounced ANUS, and how in Adolf Hitler's Germany, this Muslim would have had his anus shot off as Germans once rounded up those groups who sought to genocide them back in the olde days.

Times have changed though, but it is hoped that the Neo Deutsch parties will.........return to the good days of cattle cars, concentration camps, and maybe if the Allies bomb the supply lines, these Muslim inmates will have their own holocaust.

Sort of odd how a new threat to Germans, has a thinking there as in much of Europe to rid themselves of terrorists, in the same way they were doing it in the 1940's and the 500 years previous from Moscow to London.

I have not inquired, but the question is with Obama open borders, where in America is the Muslim Anis, pronounced ANUS, now that German police state under Merkel let him escape..........why did they let him escape............