Monday, December 5, 2016

Standing Rock Terrorism

Squaw Men and the Breed

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 I begin this by restating something which should not require being stated, as facts are facts, but unlike many who have jumped upon the issue of their pet Indians in North Dakota in this Dakota Access Pipeline, I actually grew up with Indians, THESE INDIANS, and understand a great deal about them.

My best friend as a child was a full blooded Sioux. Most Sioux are not full blood but European cross. He was like Jim Thorpe in an Olympic specimen. He was a wild animal, but I never had any trouble with him, even though he was the devil to other children. He is dead now from suicide, but the reason I never had any trouble from him, is because I always treated him with respect and as an equal.
I experienced racism when we went places in people looking at him, because he was as untamed as the Indians who murdered Americans in the 1800's. He was a buck, and not a wait around the fort Indian, or as the racist Sioux now say, "He was not an apple" outside and white inside.

He was being cared for by a white family, a long way from the reservation, and went back and killed himself.

So I know the Standing Rock. I know the Sioux, in their Nakota, Dakota and Lakota. I have been on all the reservations and I  know who they are and what they are.

Most of you have no idea of the Indian Protest which took place in the Black Hills about 25 years ago, when the Indians "encamped". The goddamn federals will never do shit to the Indians, as it is part of the Interior budget and the Indian Ring makes money off of the scam.
In the Black Hills, the camp was filled with the carcasses of elk the Indians had poached. It was like all Indian camps, a shit hole. Nothing has changed in that for the 1000 years they have infested America.

The Indians are community organized communist. They hate Republicans and hate white people. They allow in the Mexicans and breed with them. They allow the feds to produce meth on the rez, and to top it off you got John McCain passing casino laws that destroyed the Atlantic City miracle, as organized crime runs the reservation gambling.

I have  two cousins, both women who deal with Indians. One foster parents these same Standing Rock, because the squaws  will not take care of their children. The other was a state employee who would go out and check on why kids were not in school. In one of many instances, she had the door opened by a naked, drunk, doped up squaw, ranting about shit knows what, and there the kids were exposed to all of that. That would be the Rosebud, but it is the same no matter the location.

If you ask the locals in North Dakota, you will hear something along the line of, "Goddamn Indians raising hell again", because they are always up to something and whining about it.

These Standing Rock Sioux are the same Sioux who butchered Custer and his Americans, and still celebrate it, along with desecrating the Little Big Horn in putting up their monuments to terrorists, because that is what these Indians were and are, is terrorists. Paid for by big money, to inflict on Americans, and that is what this pipeline is about, in American oil companies are being extorted for money, because the Soros cartel is trying to keep that oil for their own profits, and the Indians have not been bribed enough.

LaVoy Finicum was murdered in Oregon for trying to return Indian artifacts. The Indians smelled money from the Obama regime, and they cheered Finicum's murder as much as they do Custers, who was in Montana in 1876 at the plea of the Crow, because the Sioux were trying to genocide these Indians.

So that you know about what Standing Rock is, and not some fiction like Cecil the lion, which appeals to the emotions of people who want to believe there is something pure in this life, and that their evil whiteness will be vanquished if they just vote for Obama.........oh wait they did that, so now let's exorcise our white success by taking the part in a bunch of criminal terrorists.

For those who do not know the facts, there are Americans around this reservation. There is the Obama regime allowing this to become a terror event for Soros profits, and there are the Indian nations allowing Soros rent a terrorists, and now these imbecile "veterans" standing guard, demanding to be shot first, that things have been dying up in North Dakota, and it is cattle and buffalo. Yes like in the Black Hills, these goddamn terrorists are killing people's livestock which these AMERICANS depend on to pay the bills, and which no one is going to pay for, no more than the BIA was running around filling up their gas tanks in the 1970's in American gasoline stations and paying with fraud checks, as the FBI followed them around in convoys...........except the time the FBI ran up on Leonard Peltier whose people murdered these two Americans on Pine Ridge.

What has taken place in North Dakota is destruction of private property, murder of animals, the discharging of weapons at police, and thugs prowling around people's rural farm and ranch yards.

Do I trust these pipelines? Hell no, as they all leak. That is not the point in this, but what is the point is Bismark was not chosen, because too many people lived there, and the Indian rez was not peopled.

President Donald Trump has stated this pipeline will go through as it is legal, and these protesters are illegally occupying land. The North Dakota Law Enforcement is so castrated, in they can not operate on federal lands, so you have this Obama stand off again, now with a group of veterans who are ill informed and should know better than to take the part of terrorists, or more to the point are these veterans like the Indians who are getting checks from Obama to not work.

What needs to be done is to wait until it is below zero in Bismark, which is what North Dakota is, and to hose these terror camps down with water, and let nature take it's course. Do it with APC's and use cold water, and when these terrorists start firing, keep spraying high pressure water, and when they run out of ammo and are about froze solid, put them into stock trailers to be processed by a federal facility.
Surround it with razor wire, and that solves the problem in cold and water, do not mix with these pampered government and Soros check terrorists.

And when that is done, ALL OF THESE INDIAN RESERVATIONS, need to be shut down, as they are a disgrace. Congress gives each one 160 acres, as ALL OF THESE INDIANS have already been paid millions in the 1800's for all they have, and that ends it all, from the BIA to these organized terror camps, where Indians get to vote for Democrats, while hiding on sovereign lands, WHICH AMERICANS HAVE NO RIGHT ON.

Oh you did not know that did you? You did not know that you as an American going onto a reservation, if you are taken into custody, it is like a foreign country, and you have no rights.

So just remember this in what Standing Rock is and what it is all about. There are no innocents there no more than downtown Tehran.

This is domestic terrorism, as much as it was in the 1600's, 1700's, 1800's and 1900's, and now it is in the 21st century by Obama. For the morons who say this is the Indian land, well then by all means get the fuck out of America as you are on their land, but the Lame Cherry knows the truth that these are Japanese squatters in America, and the Sioux came out of Canada, like the Apache committing genocide on whites and Indians in America.
Send the Sioux back to Canada, and have her majesty deal with them, the same way Canada protected that damned terrorist Sitting Bull and his terror mob.

This is what domestic terrorism looks like. These are the headlines.

Or do you only care when it is your property being destroyed and other American's property is ok to murder.

Here is a terrorist enabler version. LINK

It is costing the people of North Dakota millions of dollars, literally 7 million at last count for this terror protest.

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