Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Arctic of Oregon

Snow, cold to invade NW US Dec 4-5

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I decided to share this with you as  something is wrong.

If you bother to look at the NOAA forecasts, it is showing that a Lo Pressure system, which is moving northeast is about to plunge all of America into Arctic cold, from that is what we were told is Alaska was hot all summer, above normal, and now it is severely cold, and about to warm up, as all that cold air is somehow moving to Washington and Oregon.

For those who do not understand weather, weather fronts in Europe, polar fronts, come in three types. Alberta Clippers, Saskatchewan Screamers and Manitoba Maulers. For some reason Arctic air  comes from the North Pole and down through Canada, and then appearing in Montana, the Dakotas or Minnesota.

In understanding that, Arctic cold does not pool in Alaska, and then plop up on the American west coast, and then go up to Canada to the northeast..........and freeze everything south to Florida in America.

There never has been a British Columbia Crusher, for the simple reason the Pacific Air does not allow that kind of Arctic cold to persist.........and yet we have a double cold front pushing from the west to the northeast........and as you can see by the map, you are to believe that this will hit Florida, as we all know that Florida is just off, the Great Lakes.

These fronts are supposed to plunge into the Great Plains, and then in front if super forceful to Texas and the American South.........they do not go back toward the Arctic and freeze Florida.

This honestly looks like HAARP atmosphere flipping, as this can not happen. For those who missed it, three bizarre weather systems appeared in a strange blizzard appeared dumping snow over the northern plains around  Thanksgiving, that snow melted, due to it raining inches, and then for a week, no sun shown and as two snowstorms appeared  in  Wisconsin.

Storms were just appearing in hours, while entire regions were in weather doldrums around these systems, and now we have the Arctic of northern California freezing all of America and Canada.

Normal Lo Pressure systems are supposed to form over southwest Colorado, move to the Great Plains, and somewhere over Iowa, hitch to the jet stream and push into Canada.

and in case you missed another anomaly, High Pressure systems do not produce snow.

 Northeast Monday Dec 4

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