Friday, December 16, 2016

The Time to End Standing Rock as an American Disgrace

 Michelle Obama, Terrorist Enabler

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Let us just stop petting the American Indian and face the fact they are a communist organized group of criminals, that after 150 years of help from Americans, costing billions of dollars, these people can not govern themselves and their only asset is to criminals who use them as vote fraud against Republicans, drug production labs, and terror breeding grounds.

Standing Rock is a reservation where around 10,000 people control 2.3 million acres of land.

Compare that to the American State of Rhode Island:

How many acres in Rhode Island -

Rhode Island covers a total area of 776,960 acres. Go. Log In Sign Up. ... How many acres in Rhode Island? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge ...

Rhode Island Population demographics 2016, 2015

Total occupied homes in Rhode Island with people under 18 years old: Total: 413,600; Population of homes with one or more people under 18 years: 124,603

Seriously, if White and Black Americans can place hundreds of thousands of people into a State 1/3rd the size of Standing Rock, there is no reason in God's Green America, for these Indians to possess this much land, and it going to criminal and terror waste.

Here are the statistics for the George Soros and image Obama terrorists, trying to freeze Americans to death in stopping energy production in these Indians have 20 times the crime rate of Americans.

Authorities: Indian tribe crime rates 20 times national average

Authorities: Indian tribe crime rates 20 times ... where federal statistics show the violent crime rates can be 20 times ... Ogden stands with Standing Rock;

They can not police themselves and worse yet, do you know what they do with their criminals? They banish them.
What do you think they do with them, put them on ice flows? Hell no, they throw their criminals out of their jurisdiction and put them into Americans cities, for Americans to be preyed upon.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to banish meth dealers | Courts ...

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe voted ... heroin and other drugs on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. ... Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to banish meth ...

These Indians wanted to start this Obama terrorism, and it is past time for Americans to put an end to it, in ending these terror and criminal safe havens in America, in ending the the US reservation system which has been nothing but a destruction to the Indian as they are incapable of governing themselves, and it is time for them to be governed by Americans, for they vote in American elections disrupting them non stop for Democrat crooks.

America has paid the Indians billions over the entire history of America, and that is a fact. It is time to divide the reservations to 160 acres to each family, and the remainder of the  land homesteaded to Americans. These counties will then come under State jurisdiction and not Federal, and the States will govern these people, with elected officials and police forces.

The Sioux have no right to that land, as they are Canadian and invaded America. They later drove out the Japanese Indians and the Nordic Viking descendants in genocide.

The reservation system was never meant to exist past one generation. Indians were to be absorbed into America after education, religion and civilizing, but have now become these criminal wards, incapable of anything but terrorism and crime.

These people thought they could start something in the Indian crime ring, which slaughtered George Custer and numerous Americans, and this time, it is time the Americans rise up under President Donald Trump and end this disgusting communist reservation system in America, terrorizing Americans.

It is time to end this disgrace and this threat to Americans, which is now a terror weapons of the leftist traitors in America.

It is time for Americans to take back their entire lands from these enemies of these United States.

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