Saturday, December 10, 2016

To Our White Supremacist Masters

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that we have heard from Congresswoman Maxine Waters that the White Supremacists are in control of America, and we know for certain this to be true as Hillary Clinton aide, Jennifer Palmieri stated in an appearance with Kellyanne Conway, that Donald Trump won his victory by White Supremacist support.

I have heard Mr. Trump, Mrs. Conway and Homo Hannity refer to the Alt Right as some mystery apparition, like a one internet page site, but I was thinking as the WS are so dominant now that where are they appearing in the Trump Administration?

I do not see any goosestepping, no candle shows, no SS uniforms, no Nazi salutes......I don't even get the idea that any work concentration camps are going up to make America great again. This is all a let down, as frankly the Nazi are exciting people, as people all want to be Nazi and those who do not like them, they are still talking about them and they ended almost 70 year ago.

If Ms. Waters has the addresses of the White Supremacists, I would appreciate them, at least the leadership, because I do not think dialing 1 800 White Supremacist would get me the right extension or sending to to White Supremacist Lane in White Supremacist City would get the letter there for an interview.

I do see signs though, as the Price as Right for the past year ran nothing but fags for contestants in being anti norm, and every commercial was Nigs all over the place. Today when I checked, it had this hot babe from Chapman University winning, and I watched 7 minutes of White people on commercials......including one who lived in Minnesota sticking suppositories up her rectum while riding a bike.

Any way, there are indications of America going white, but a Price is Right commercial hardly is the same as White Supremacists in the White House.

I did listen to one, one time though when Lawrence Sinclair was exposing Obama for being a bi sexual perv. His name is Hal Turner, but it turned out he was an FBI MOG. I have nothing against people making a living or the FBI running a White Supremacist, because it was really a great show. Hal Turner was better than MOG Limbaugh, and his commercials were absolutely hilarious in being funny beyond White Supremacy.

The fact is the only person I know who was a Nigger Knocker, was Jim Webb the Democrat. He used to do this in college, but Mr. Trump did not appoint him, and I doubt that Jim Webb is part of a group that has people voting to elect Mr. Trump. It is just all so puzzling in there is this great power in America, that everyone is talking about, and everyone on the left is terrified of, and I can not find it.

Sure there was Ricky Vaughn, but he is gone. Then there  was Mike Cernovich, but he is a Jew guy married  to a hot Persian gal, and they just had a baby. I just do not see how the Alt Right is  getting any seats at the Trump table too, as they are not White Supremacists either, but is there no room for gorillas in the midst?

What makes me wonder in this is, what if all the White Supremacists are already employed by the FBI. Maybe Donald Trump can not nominate them, because you can not hold two federal jobs at the same time as that would be illegal, and the FBI jobs are so cushy that no one wants to go work at the  White House.
That probably is the case in this, in I seem to recall a BATF agent blurting out that they had 100 groups in America they are spying on, and had infiltrated all of them in that Hutatree set up. Most government jobs are like 50,000 a year starting out, so it pays to be a White Supremacist, as George Soros and Obama are kind of cheap in paying 1500 a month for Black Lives Matter and then Rahm Emanuel guns them all down, so they do not collect the check.
Really is a pretty good deal I think, in Soros has Emanuel killing people 29 days into the paycheck, so Soros just keeps the same start up costs and never pays out. No one ever says in these jobs for Soros terrorism include Social Security or Obamacare.......I bet the FBI White Supremacist MOG's all get the full package deal as Homeland takes care of it's own very well.

So while I personally look forward to White Supremacists like Herman Goering dressed up in drag and shooting up dope........wait that sounds like Birther Obama and his crew, but anyway, there should be some White Supremacists who are not working for the FBI, who could be hired the Trump Trans, as Mike Pence sure is albino white, and then we could have a look at all of these mysterious millions who have changed America as Charles Rangel said, and as Maxine Waters has warned us about.

I just do not know what National Socialists are doing around Donald Trump, because that community organized socialism is what you find out on Standing Rock terrorism or at Hillary Clinton rallies or Obama victory tours.

Maybe so we could recognize the White Supremacists we could have some identification of them, like they have to be white and not Tela Tequila brown or something, and maybe we could put them in tanks, as that would be easy to spot.....put a big white star on them the way the military used to paint things, to match the Jew gold star, and then we could get a tally on how many of these White Supremacists are there are in America.

They used to call them American, but then so many of the definition are meaning different things used to happy, now it means you have feces penis scent. Dike used to be something you built to keep flooding out, and now it is Michelle Obama.

So if our White Supremacist masters who defeated Hillary Clinton would please somehow appear by the millions, it would be appreciated.......oh the ones not in the employ of the FBI, as we want to keep this a manageable number, and we do not want people taking time off from work in spying on other FBI agents as we are paying for this in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

As a final note.....maybe what  Maxine Waters and Jennifer Palmieri are factoring in is Biblical math. You know the 1 putting a 1000 to flight. Maybe 1 White Supremacist is so powerful that they put 1000 liberals to fright. I just would like to see one perhaps goosestepping in the Trump Administration, before I would believe they were really all that dangerous.

le sigh.........

All of these Trump appointments are so mild and moderate. I was really hoping we would get some fire breathing zealots from the geist of the volk. They are all so ......just American.