Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tramp Trans: Heidi Heitkamp Spreads Legs For Joe Biden


Joe Biden to Female Senator Heidi Heitkamps Husband: Spread Your Legs ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is official in the Tramp Trans that they are genuinely considering Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a fat frau democrat who got into the Senate by being part of the Obama stealing of 15% in the national elections over Mitt Romney, for the position of Ag Frau.

Heitkamp, who met with President-Elect Donald Trump

North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp thanked Donald Trump for "a thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion" on Friday, although she did not say ...

This post is not about support, but more about "why".

Heitkamp is like that wet off the boat Niki Haley. Haley was handed the UN as payback for the Lt. Governor in South Carolina who is a vital Trump supporter. In Heitkamp's story, it is like this:

If South Carolina did not have, Lindsey in the Gay Ear Graham, that would be at Trump vote. But instead the GOP is looking at it this way. They take out Heitkamp and put her in Agriculture, then Kevin Cramer who is rabid Donald Trump in the House, will be elected as a shoo in for the Senate, and another GOP guy will get Cramer's seat.

This means that on all votes Heitkamp is still in the Senate with she is going to have to vote for Trump or look like a hosebag. This means that for 90 days, the Democrats are not going to have another Graham vote for the sweeping legislation Mr. Trump will be passing, because it takes about that long for elections to run in North Dakota.

That is what is behind all of this in preparing for the coming fight, getting a real Republican in the Senate for Mr. Trump, while fat frau Heidi goes off to Ag land.

I have no problem with deals like this, as Heitkamp is almost white to coin a phrase from that chip of the prairie. She likes to kill things with guns, and is a great deal more Americans than Graham or McCain.
She has been asked if she was serious about the job, and she has stated that she is serious, and will gladly leave the Senate, so this is the way things work.

What this means is agriculture in America will probably languish for the next 5 years, in no money for farmers or ranchers, even if we have to get that Vietnamese poison fish and Brazilian poison beef out of US markets. The best I would hope to influence President Trump is to ask that he appoint a Texas Agriculture expert as Under Secretary to offset Heitkamp, in what is deemed a necessary evil in Tramp Trans.

I will make this a bitch issue in trade, in shutting off the importation of poison meat, and with Ag Interior Secretary Zinke, moving forward with benefiting ranchers in grazing, to increase American beef supply, it is hoped that this can be rectified, as Mr. Trump does market Trump Steaks and this is one of those issues which must be dealt with on various Cabinet posts, as the fat frau is not up to the task, as she has never gotten a damn thing done in any position in her life in politics.
She is sort of a mellow not so manly version of Ed Schultz, who did not go so nuts under Obama.

That is the update in this, in a sort of Muslim reaction in you get married to the the bag head chic, and instead of some Bollywood hottie, you end up with someone who looks like Mullah Omar after death. Heid Heitkmap is more of a position of convenience. It helps the GOP out in the long run, and she is not going to set Ag policy, and there is not really going to be an Ag policy in America, any different from the Obama low price policy which stopped the George W. Bush Ag policy of farmers and ranchers making money.....which again was a Texas Ag Commissioner policy.

Texas Ag commissioner calls Hillary Clinton the c-word on ...

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller referred Tuesday to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as a "cu**" on Twitter, in a tweet relaying ...

See why I like Texas born and bred politicians. I doubt Sid though would mistakenly call Heitkamp the C word though.......I doubt most folks know she is a woman.