Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Your 35,000 Dollar Obama Terrorist You Paid For


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I came upon this research from Fargo North Dakota, as their Republican Administration there has been busy colluding with Lutheran Social Services in settling Obama terrorists into that region.

The statistics are extremely troubling, as LSS is claiming they do not profit from this, but the fact is they do profit, because this is your tax money which Obama has bribed all of these charities with to bring Muslims into America, and the more terrorists being handled, the more people are hired, and the more money then goes into the Chamber of Commerce in the millions, which then launders that money in donations back to LSS.
We have an illegal shell game played by Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish Charities.

The monetary numbers in this are it costs 35,000 dollars per terrorist to bring them into your communities across America, to vote democrat, to overthrow your Donald Trump vote, so they can claim majority votes for Hamrod in that being the will of the people.
Here is the thing though in this which everyone has missed. The regime buys the jet ticket out of Islamic lands, and once that terrorist touches down in America, that terrorist becomes the responsibility of your local county services, in you are paying for these terrorists. 

Syrian Muslims headed to North Dakota, Nebraska and Kentucky

Syrian Muslims headed to North Dakota, ... you know that the US State Department is bringing about 10,000 Syrian, mostly Muslim, ... North Dakota from the Jamestown Sun:

What is disgusting in this, is Obama has little girls in Minneapolis going into debt for schooling, and watching them bawl over that massive debt to be come a nurse, but with Obama terrorists, it is a completely different reality. With Obama terrorists, instead Lutheran Social Services employes (meaning you pay for) a Job Instructor, who follows the terrorist around at work and teaches them how to do a job.
In case you missed this, how would you like to get a cushy job, which you were just told you were too uneducated for in being an American, and instead walk in, and have some mentor follow you around and train you.........doing all the work, as these terrorists are too stupid to speak the language or to know the job.

Let us return to that 35,000, and that was just the initial cost of transportation, housing etc.... That does not include these mentors, nor the health services and every thing else associated with bringing these terrorists to our communities.

The reason they dump hundreds of thousands of this ilk into America, is because each terrorist means 1000 dollars per month, going into your Walmarts, car dealers etc...., as this is the 30 pieces of Judas silver for betraying America. It is a slave trade, and if in small communities another 50,000 dollars goes into each business, that translates into over 5 million dollars a year to profit the 1%.
That is why all of these traitors signed up for Obama terrorist transit, because like the terrorist Indians at Standing Rock, the conglomerates all make a fortune as does the illegal criminal trades once they become established.

If President Donald Trump is serious about making America great again, then he must address the bastardization of the Bush charities by the Obama regime, in making these charities pay back all of this money to taxpayers, and the immediate deportation of all of these Jesuits and Muslims. We know already that Big Koch Priebus has changed policy to keep these terrorists in America, because Priebus represents the commerce of this slave trade and it is worth a fortune and expanding daily as the Obama regime dumps more terrorists into America.
President Trump should understand though that his thin margin of victory is not going to hold up, because he has allowed Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner to kick the Christians who delivered this victory off the bus. There is not one Conservative Christian who has been nominated or who are manning the top positions in this Government.

Numbers are simply to run and generate. President Trump keeps Obama terrorists in America, and those 15 million votes will be 20 million votes, and disgruntled Christians being pissed on and betrayed again will stay at home in 2018, so Democrats take control of Congress, open impeachment hearings on Donald Trump, and send him to flames in 2020, and by 2012, set his ass in prison.

When I listen to Reince Priebus changing Trump policy on deportation, and know what this means for elections, and know that there will be coming terror events to tarnish Mr. Trump, that the issue is not a Wall, the issue is stopping all funding to these charities, and doing immediate audits by the IRS, followed by the demand that these charities and their chambers of commerce repay the American People to the last cent, along with the costs of deporting these terrorists back to what ever Obama hole they were lured out of.

I see absolutely no seriousness in President Trump over this issue in dealing with it, at it's criminal core. He has thumpers who can crack down, but he has absolutely not any priority in what needs to be accomplished in putting an end to assylum, and deporting the base problem of Green Card squatters and these Obama legal terrorists.

President Trump will only have himself to blame, for trusting the GOPliters in Mike Pence and Reince Priebus, who set about his undoing from Day One. All the Faithful can do is continue to raise the rod of Aaron in not remaining silent and demanding our deserved PLACES at the table of power, and pray the Lord blooms our work in His due season.

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