Friday, January 20, 2017

Bless we the Lord

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Our Heavenly Father,

By Thy Name we bless you in the power of Your Name, to behold from Thy Habitation, this American People. We confess Your great work on November 9th, and confess this all Your Glory and Honor, for You have saved America for Your sake, and not for this wayward and sinful people's sake.

We ask that You will keep President Donald Trump into Your Will, to be accomplished with President Putin of Russia in peace cooperation for the sake of Your Christian children in the east and the west. We ask that You thwart all intrigue against Your leaders, and prevail upon those in government and society to serve You in Your Will be done.

We ask that the blow of Your wrath for our national sins be lessened and shortened. We ask that the punishment be corrective. We ask that you make Donald Trump Your instrument to be the President You Will.

We ask that You correct us to be a humble and obedient People.

That Thine eyes may be open unto the supplication of Thy servants, and unto the supplication of Thy people Israel, to hearken unto them in all that they call for unto Thee.
Be Thou our God, our Master and Protector and Thou art our God, our Maker and Redeemer.

Remove from us the enmity of You, in those who are tools of satan and their own seared souls, that the Light of You will shine through the Great Tribulation. Protect President Trump and President Putin, that they be in God's Wisdom and Direction, and that our Christian Peoples be not drawn into conflict with each other, in World War, nor be assembled at Armageddon.
Give us Your Light in the darkness and vouchsafe keep us always our Lord.

Glorify Your Name. Bless the Good that it fills Your heritage and curse the evil that it is no longer found among our Peoples.

Rise up our kindred and our allies to have leaders of Your choice in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. May America be Your throne, Canada Your sceptre and Mexico Your footstool in obedience to You. May Christian virtue prevail in all of the Americas in Christ's Peace.

Show Yourself strong, show Yourself mighty. Array the Archangels of the Lord for our help and defense. May we be a People delivered from our enemies, our sin and those of iniquity polluting our midsts, worship You in peace and pray for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your only begotten Son.

We bless You in Your Name. We praise You in Your Name. We give thanks to You in Your Name, for all Glory and Honor is Yours. On this day, we of the Covenant affirm our vows to You in crossing the threshold, that we devote to you 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Congress, the Courts, the Government returned by, of and for the People, to the sacred Rights of the Founders who pledged this Government, themselves and we of their posterity to serve only You and this Government is Your possession our Father in Heaven, and seal it to be Yours all the days it is, until Shiloh come, the Sceptre of the Lord to rule us in the Kingdom of God.

Send forth Your Witnesses oh Lord, Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Oh for the Mercy and Grace of the Lord, upon His Name that His heritage does not perish, bless we the Lord and thanks be to our God, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen and Amen and Amen.