Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dealing with Sanctuary Cities in Rebellion

What Texas Law unEnforcement Looks Like

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This is the Trump White Paper on Sanctuary Cities in dealing with their seditious politicians.

Executive Order Directive:

The Executive hereby directs that all welfare benefits are hereby negated by the USDA, HHS and other United States agencies to no longer pay SNAP (food stamps), federal subsidies to healthcare and housing for those illegally in America.
Furthermore, in these sanctuary counties, the Social Security Administration will immediately review fake social security numbers at businesses who employ illegals, and with federal warrant arrest the owners and chief operating officers of said businesses.
Furthermore, Border Patrol and ICE will conduct sweeps of businesses from banks, to dairies to construction companies, and when illegals are found in the employ, said owners and chief operating officers will be arrested on felony counts for defying the laws of the United States Government.
Be it know that ICE will immediately seize all property of illegals for confiscation and auction to cover costs of enforcement for the security of the United States.
Be it know the Federal Election's Commission will review all elections of officials in said counties and if any illegal voters are found, said elections will be forfeit and a Federal Magistate will be appointed to govern the affairs of the county and city, until free and fair elections can be held with only United States Citizens voting.
Be it known, all banks engaged in transferring funds for illegals will have their assets seized, and their chief operating officers will be arrested for felony money laundering.

This day, in the year of our Lord, 2017 AD
 Cut off the slave earning ability of these illegal invaders, and no longer subsidize feeding them, housing them or gaining subsidies from them, and the appeal of these invaders ceases.

If necessary cordon off these counties, and isolate all traffic coming in and out, and allow these counties and cities in rebellion deal with their problems which they have chosen.

Deal with it robust now Mr. President as defiance allowed to coalesce will have your being ruled.

The liberal traitor has chosen a shit hole, stop wiping their ass in enabling them.