Sunday, January 1, 2017

Donald Trump and the Two Year Leash

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Most people no longer remember who General Chuck Yeager was. He was the best pilot America ever produced, broke the sound barrier, and built the US Air Force on his skills and assessments.

He also flew a nuclear tactical unit and performed Dick Cheney's Global Hawk before it was called that. It was at Aviano Italy, where General Yeager took his squadron in from America, and was met with weather that he could not see, and almost augered into a mountain, because the bird Colonel there "thought" his Sabers had on board radar, so only had Italians who could not function with radar nor English.

The bird Colonel heard it from Yeager for being a dumb ass,  and when the bird appeared the next morning want to fly with the squadron, Yeager was still steamed and said "It ain't happening and that is the way it is".

Well, the squadron had a party,  the streets of Italy are narrow, and a headlight on the car got broken with a few dents, and the boys tossed a juke box and smashed some wine bottles, and paid for it all.
Yeager went to sleep and found himself getting reamed top to bottom. The bird Colonel had waited to nail Yeager and turned him in, as breaking that headlight was damaging US property and for that he would face court martial.
His old commander would not talk to him who commanded Europe, and he was sent packing to America to face the TAC commander. Yeager was sweating bullets as he knew he was in trouble, as all of his enemies, who were jealous and just bastards had been waiting a long time to nail his ass.

TAC protected Yeager, but he lost his command in doing what he loved in flying. He was assigned to the War College and promoted to full Colonel.

It sounds like all that ends well, but Yeager was the best and most accomplished and that petty son of a bitch still nailed his ass. This is a reality for President Donald Trump in those #NeverTrumpers who came for him in 2016 are coming in 2017.
There is a reason that every damned picture you see of President Trump, that the Judas Mike Pence is seen hovering in the background. That is Mockingbird conditioning Americans for Donald Trump to be impeached and Mike Pence to take the spot as this was intended from the #NeverTrumper start.

They got Richard Nixon on Watergate and he was one of the best at the game. George HW got knocked off by Bill Clinton and W's kinder and gentler got ate alive. We know what happened to JFK and Ronald Reagan.

President Donald Trump has to gain not only control of Mockingbird, but he has to accomplish a Bill Casey screen not associated with him, nor his Government to provide his enemies with situations to juggle, because the day will come when the set ups being planned will be initiated. It has already been decided upon the weak people, who will be leveraged and how all of this will be accomplished.
Jared Kirschner's mafia is inadequate as has been revealed. The appointees are targets themselves and Trump Trans is nothing but Cassius in the 21st century.

I have urged this protection for the President. A group with plausible deniability as the king's guard must be set up and operational, until the time that power is cemented. Until then the Presidency is vulnerable to the same situations which King David or President Nixon or General Yeager were targeted by. General MacArthur was sabotaged by Harry Truman and those communists.

None of this is to intimate that the President is not aware of his situation, but there are signs in what is taking place that his DIA protection still has holes in it.

Those behind the coup have given signs of giving the President all he desires for 2 years, in order to glean their 30 trillion pieces of silver. They want Mike Pence and that is why they stuck him into the position. Donald does the populist work and Pence inherits the office to glean the spoils from the American People again for the oligarchs.

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