Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lame Cherry Global

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not have the time to waste tracking the readerships of other media outlets like Drudge, Washington Examiner or Daily Mail, but I do at times bother to look at where the Lame Cherry family originates from. Most of you would probably be surprised that I do have an international following. As of yesterday this is a partial list of the world Citizens who are the Lame Cherry family.

United States





United Kingdom





United Arab Emirates

Antigua and Barbuda


Hong Kong

It just so happened that everyone in Russia was sleeping when I did this screen grab, or otherwise they would be on this list too with other peoples.

I am thankful to have a number of groups in a number of nations who are daily visiting this blog reading the information posted here. If I invested more time in writing posts in Spanish I would up the readership in South and Latin America, where I have a great love for the Argentinians, Venezuelans, Chileans and Peruvians, as much as I adore Mexicans in their own habitat. I just only have so much space on translations, so the French, German and Russians gain more space, as Eastern Europe and Russia are most important to focus upon for world stability, and numbers of people around the globe either speak English, Russian, German or French.

In some of the hits, I suspect the unique viewers are US military or contractors, interested in the fringe news as the Fake News is a source everyone has had enough with.

I just thought I would share a glimpse of what the other side of the world was reading and it is the Lame Cherry in growing numbers. President Donald Trump generates a great deal of interest globally, and if I went wall to wall with the President my numbers would gain by 50%, but I do have to cover other subjects.

In any case, it is humbling to have people reading my work from America to across the globe as they are understanding the message. The people of the Philippines are in bed yet too, as I have an audience there too for which I am thankful.

This is Lame Cherry Global, a media outlet which is sowing seeds around the world, and they are sprouting and growing advocates for Truth and Thought, which is a training all minds can benefit from.

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