Friday, January 13, 2017

Lame Cherry Right Again in Tony Blair Hacked America for Clinton Bush

Christopher Steele


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What would you children do without me, but be led around by 4Chatter brats providing cover for Pissgate.

Well someone told you that it was Tony Blair and MI6 who were behind the Russian hacking and sure enough, we now find out in the Daily Mail the honey pot who lured John McCain to becoming a Mockingbird was none other than 77 year old Sir Andrew Wood, who flirted with 80 year old John McCain in Canada in sex talk, which so aroused McCain that Johnny dispatched an intimate aide to Europe to collect the smear file concocted by MI6 agent Christopher Steele for the Clinton and Bush fams to destroy Donald Trump.

Statement: Ex-ambassador Sir Andrew Wood issued a nuanced explanation of his dealings with McCain: 'I would like to stress that I did not pass on any dossier to Senator McCain or anyone else and I did not see a dossier at the time.' He did not deny alerting McCain to its existence

 Pissbot Sir Andrew Wood

Yes John McCain got some wood in Canada as a BOHICA vacation.

There is absolutely no doubt in this now that this was a conspiracy to disrupt the American elections as Wood and Blair were involved as was their branch of MI6, and the story was sown from two different sources directly into the FBI.
The Clinton finger points to John Podesta and the Bush finger was up John McCain's bum.

Aide: Sir ANdrew Wood was Tony Blair's ambassador to Moscow until 2000 

 Pissbot Tony Blair

There is in this still the source material that Christopher Steele concocted this smear with, in these were not Putin fans in Russia, so that points to the MI6 paid coup plotters in Russia and Ukraine, who sourced this Trump fiction of Obama dumps and Whore showers.

I will not progress this out any further as  this is complicated, but every instinct in me, tells me this was some of the best factions in intelligence involved in this, and that there were counter counter intelligence operations involved in this, and had enough bunglers thrown in move it along.

Pissbot Johnny Songbird McCain

What Blair, Clinton, Wood, Bush, McCain, Graham were involved in was treason and acts of war against the Government of the United States. There are numbers of controls in this who played both ends against the middle in brilliant operations. I simply tell you to not project out your assumptions into this as it may harm the most beneficial of outcomes. I mention this in I told you this looks like the DIA is in a struggle with the CIA, and everyone knew about this smear of Donald Trump which McCain and Podesta were promoting.
(Does it make a bit more sense why "someone" tied Pizzagate to John Podesta in retaliation as was first reported here?)

John McCain is a traitor. His mission was with Lindsey Graham to cripple President Trump, and to seize power for the cartel in the Senate as they had under Obama in making terror deals in Ukraine and Syria. It is evident now that John McCain still thinks his benefactors are protecting him, as he has not shut up.
There are powerful controls in this who are moving by the scenarios being played out to bring to scorn those who were behind this operation.

If you notice in this,  this has not touched the major families of Clinton or Bush. What is the target is Tony Blair and this idiot John McCain. If you begin seeing Jeb Bush's name, then you will know this is going to a new level.

4Chatter is a diversion, and although asset generated in their thinking trolling is a wonder. The Russians are not amused in this as Christopher Steele is hiding for his life, and the Russians are no fans of the English intrigue nor when it smears them in American elections. It simply is not wise to think trolling is fun when your work is impugning the two most powerful men in the world in Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin, who both will have very driven intelligence agencies who will have all sorts of interesting ways to retaliate on those who never thought that sleeping dogs wake up and bite.

This entire political minder intelligence corruption must be flushed from these agencies around the world. Each side knows this is for keeps. The "CIA" in arrogance blew this as did this other Obama MI6 smudges in thinking they had cover in stealing the election for Clinton. Now begins the retaliation and removal.

If John McCain and Lindsey Graham had any sense they would get on their knees in front of Donald Trump and beg for their existences and then flee the country to some Patagonia poop hole, and hope it all disappears.

All that matters in this though is the Lame Cherry was proven right again. Everyone was telling you Russia, and it was broken here first again that this was London, and thank God's Grace you were given the right information again while everyone else was in the dark abyss.

For those who have not factored in to stop antagonizing the Trump forces and Putin forces, they perhaps should remember that there are dynasties in Clinton and Bush who are one step from criminal exposure in orchestrating this with the MSM, and history shows that people who try and roll on the Clinton's and Bush's end up tits up on the pavement.

Will the Clinton Bush mafia begin hunting their own honey pot drones to silence them.......

Just a Pissbot

Songbird John McCain made more than 32 Communist videos ...

Songbird John McCain - American traitor. I'm sick and tired of hearing what a 'war hero' John McCain was during Vietnam. John McCain is really not ...

Once again, Lame Cherry right again, before anyone else by God's Grace, in another matter anti matter exclusive.
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