Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ode to Cherry Lame

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I type this on Inauguration Eve, I came across a note in email.

Lame, I just wanted to thank you again for your willingness to work unbelievably hard to help accomplish what has happened today. I am continuing to pray for you all.


I have been thinking today about God's direction and how I almost enlisted in the Marines. I was in shape as I did not want to bother with basics, but every time I took a breath I could hear my lungs crackle and that sort of settled the situation, and produced a blog which God worked through to change the world, in the election of Donald Trump.
I have been thinking about the Holy Ghost first hinting at Jehu two years ago to me, and how 18 months of my life disappeared in doing something I said I was not ever going to be a part of again in a political campaign, as the frauds of Hillary and Jeb were the same animal I was not going to serve.

God though has other plans. And when I state I do not know the direction of this blog, it is my choice that I do not want to be engaged in politics again. I have assisted in creating the monster in the time line has changed, but it is a matter of I knew from Prophecy that billions were going to perish in the Great Tribulation, so what I was moved to do, is not going to produce any worse effect.

It is my hope that Homeland will not have me popular any more in this is a Trump blog. I know though that TL and I have an elevated record and unless placed on the inside to sanitize it, that is not going away.

I have now a buffer again in some breathing room in the archives and it provides me the situation of thinking a bit more about adventures and content, but always this blog will be a tool of the Lord. He has not informed me what I am to do in serving the Lord.

It has always been my affection to be as George Washington. President Washington in reading histories, was moulded by the Roman Senators, whose greatest calling in life was to serve their nation and then retire to the land as the noble thing to do.
We are still saving and praying on the land part, but it is what I would prefer in being a squire, with the hunter and the horse, engaged in agrarian pursuits, with fishing and trapping, as leisure with the inventive projects which the genius of God provides. I greatly value and esteem the pursuits of the patrician classes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Custer and Reagan.

I am remembering now this past April when my tax preparers humiliated me when I asked about taxes and what would be affected when Donald Trump was President. They laughed me to scorn in stating it would never happen.
The always experts had no comprehension what God was doing through the Lame Cherry to change the time line, and now I have to become used to using the term PRESIDENT and not image, because Donald Trump is an American President and I respect that word too highly to have abused it. So it was hidden away, and now I have to train my thinking to President, in whatever is the post about those things.

Making the voice known of making Trumpshare a CHOICE and not a mandate is what is the cause. There is no freedom in forcing people to buy things under penalty, and that is my honest only concern about Trumpshare. Give people the right they already have, and I intend not to purchase insurance again, as I trust in God and in reality I could not even afford a cheap policy, especially with the grave robbing taxes the Obama regime has levied on all Americans.

I do not know what this blog will cover or be until the Holy Ghost moves me. I was in a whirlwind and exhausted before all of this, and it has not let up in disappointments nor concerns. I just hope to have God's Peace and to recover.

One pleasant thing is not having to mention that image nor lurch.

We will witness though what God moves me to cover as at this point the dauphin has been anointed as Joan fulfilled her mission.