Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Clapper Protocol

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You know the Lame Cherry trusts Homeland Security. Lame Cherry trusts this Clapper who says that the leaks smearing President Trump did not originate from the intelligence network.
The problem is Ronald Reagan. You know President Reagan. The President who said, TRUST BUT VERIFY". So this is all Reagan's fault you know in what President Trump should direct every person in his Government to sign the following trusting statement.

DNI James Clapper tells Trump leaks did not come from U.S ...

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper released a statement Wednesday night announcing that he ... DNI James Clapper tells Trump leaks did not come from U.S ...

I, James Clapper, hereby solemnly swear that I have never personally leaked any information to anyone, nor have I ever spoken off the record to the press. I have not ever allowed anyone associated with me to engage in this conduct, nor have I ever left information available to be reviewed by anyone in a clever way of providing information.I understand that if I admit now that I have engaged in these activities, I will be fired, banned from ever serving in the US Government again, along with returning all salaries and benefits associated with my employment in the US Government. I also am banned from being hired by any source which will ever have contact with the US Government for the next 10 years.
If I have though engaged in the above, withheld information in knowing who might have engaged in the above leaks or providing information to the media, signing this confession in claiming innocence, will result in the crime of High Treason against the American People, whereby I will be arrested, appear before a military tribunal, where found guilty, be immediately executed by hanging, without any appeals, nor pardons or commutations by the President.

President Trump must require EVERY person in Intelligence and Security involved in the US Government to sign the above, or they will be fired.

Clapper is playing cute with President Trump, because if he knows who did not leak, then Clapper knows who did leak, as the records of it are all in the NSA surveillance. This is a closed media source of finite contacts and the NSA knows who engineered this.
Put it plainly, Clapper knows the Clintons and Bush's hired MI6 to create this smear file. Clapper knows who handed it off to John McCain and James Comey. Clapper knows who was pedaling this to smear President Trump to various media whores, and James Clapper and the entire US intelligence group sat quiet and allowed this criminal coup to be engaged in against the United States Government.

Clever denials and talk is cheap. Make every one of these high salaried people sign the above statement under penalty of court execution, and then we will witness the Truth coming out for the first time in Ronald Reagan's Trust but Verify of the community organized comrades.