Friday, January 27, 2017

The End of the Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the wholesome and beautiful March of Life in Washington DC, the smog of leftism is being cleansed from America by God's candidate President Donald Trump, fulfilling his promises to the American People. In that, the Holy Ghost was whispering to me today concerning the reality of if the media were doing their job, then the Lame Cherry would have never needed to exist and would have gone unnoticed.

Just as we witnessed  a deluge of black folks across all media and ads in 2008 in racism for profit, we are beginning to witness the media reality that smearing President Trump is bad for business and CIA funding. It is bad for the careers of screaming lunatics like Ashley Judd, as the people with power and money begin discovering that making movies suddenly becomes a problem as locals seeking to gain favor of the US Government make problems for Hollywood, as much as the Police who used to shoot LaVoy Finicum, now look blankly on as Trump supporters punch these terror leftists.

The first hints of this are here:

TV Pilot Season 2017: Trump's America Target Audience...

Nets turn backs on spinoffs, reboots...

You are going to witness things like Joss Whedon, the rabid liberal whose Jed wrote the infamous line in Doll House, "I have 4 brothers and none of them are democrats", as the lead actress plunged an arrow into the jugular vein of the man trying to murder her, are going to begin courting the White American majority again as those faggots from 24 were suckering all of you by getting Rush Limbaugh to whore for that leftist show that conditioned Americans for Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The leftists can not make money or stay in power, unless they mind fuck all of you, and this will generate to the Fake News, as in order to curry favor, they will for some time do hit pieces on liberals, until of course the Trump people start believing the "friendship" and say things that will allow them to be blackmailed, and then it all turns around to the media extortion crimes again.

That means you are going to find a group of liars telling you, what you want to hear, and that means you will decide not to click on the Lame Cherry, because you can quote Fox to your friends, while sending bits from here will get you that "she is crazy" comment back.

If you listen close though, you will hear the whores like Buck Sexton on Rush Limbaugh today constantly saying TRUMP, instead of respectfully saying President Trump. That you can listen for as the most certain evidence. The commentators will do Trump and the media will do, "the president", as they erode the confidence of the People as the sheeple once again start believing that Shep Smith is not a faggot.

For those with long Memory Alpha's, they will remember the greatest Mormon champion of Ronald Reagan in the 1980's in going scorched earth on liberals, in Orin Hatch of Utah. Oddly it was said he was the best friend of Teddy Kennedy, but that was put aside, but by the time Obama stole the Oval Office, Orin Hatch was a liberal, and had to lie to Mark Levin to get re elected, and then plunged his knife into Levin's back as Levin was suckered.
It is already happening and the diversion of the lunatic left in protests, is allowing for the lies of Fox in suddenly the economy is not so great under Trump, when it was flaming wonderful under Obama with the same statistics, as you begin to enjoy being courted again by the Joss  Whedon leftist whores.

You will notice though that the John Fogerty's, Bruce Springsteen's and other types have been crawling back under their rocks, as they understand how the game is played in the media will give itself cover by lying to the public to begin the HW Bush mindwarp again.

All of you will begin to believe that you did this all on your own as you flex your political power and Homeland does not appear on your doorstep and Mark Zuckerberg stops throwing Hawaiians off their land. Who needs a Prophetess like Samuel as you have King Saul making you proud, and you are no longer being hunted by the Philistines.

I had a nice note from a gentleman getting denture work in Thailand as it is more affordable. (That is wonderful  thing as I have known people who went to Mexico and they ended up like Duane Dibbley), but he said that there were people who knew what the Lame Cherry's role was in the 2016 election and the Thai's were convinced that Hillary Clinton was an alien. There will always be those who remember the blog, but there will be fewer people who donate as people soon forget without Hillary Clinton rounding them up, or Muslims ass raping them, reminding them of just how close they came to national genocide.

That is not to say that the shadows things to come will not remind them, but for now it is our summer in the winter of our forgotten discontent. They are coming for you. They are a siren's song and already whispering in the Trump inner circle as nothing has changed. They are the honeypot and you are their target.

Did you fall asleep, and will you believe it is only for awhile.