Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Human Molotov

The man said he was from California and that he was acting in protest against Trump 

Dude looks like the Richard Dreyfus the Aliens threw back


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Who knew that Rush Limbaugh in keeping liberals around, would see the day as he was running cover for John McCain on his mic head show, that the American left would find ways to act out as #NeverTrumpers, in ways we could never fathom.

Always seeking to assist everyone though as the Lame Cherry assisted Birther Hussein and Hillary Clinton.......and if both had followed my advice they would still be popular and in the White House...........but we undertake here a few fine tuning points for the #NeverTrumpers.

Let us first start with HW and Babs Bush.


Letter to Trump...

HW penned a poison pen letter claiming that he would be put 6 foot under if he and Babs went out in the cold January weather to be with President Trump at his Inauguration. Well that lie was spoken and has become True as HW and Babs have enough skeletons in their closets that cry for vengeance, and no sooner did HW pen the poison than he ends up in a coma in hospital due to hacking up lungs, and old Babs goes titties up too.
People have to watch what they say as the spirits listen and will make things come to be by the power of your words. Now there is HW and Babs the #NeverTrumpers auditioning for the Grim Reaper.

Moral of story, when #NeverTrumpers say they are going to leave the country if Trump is President, then they should just go as something is awaiting them worse. When they say things kill them, they should just not wait around, but find some wet pillow to put on their heads and just head off to hell. Certainly is better than being in a coma hacking up your lung.

Next up we have the lovely terrorists who are in DC, protesting. Some like  this failure are cowardly in setting themselves on fire and then putting  out the flames. Obviously these terrorists need to drink a pint of booze first, to gain some courage.
For fire starters, let us be reasonable here in not all fire starter material is equal. Gasoline is quite dangerous and smells. Diesel is more safe, but burns like a funeral pyre.

The internet is full of nice recipes for the do it yourselfer. Napalm is a nice burning agent, as the US military used to BBQ Vietcong with it all the time. Homemade versions are like:

Powdered Sugar

Now that would be a nice scented and sweet mixture to slather on the skin for a #NeverTrumper.

Then again there is is recipe:

Fab detergent
Light motor oil

That would probably give a nice perfume, but only people with death wishes should probably be playing with this stuff.

See it all depends on body fat content. Like if Rosie O'Donnell torched herself, she is a fat olde beast, and once that lard got burning, it would burn sooty black. Even if human oil is high grade like whale oil, you got other things going on in moisture, which would ..........well you have smelled fatty hamburgers on the grill, ignited by the charcoal....well that would be it in a fat ole #NeverTrumper doing the torch solution.

Frankly, I would think alcohol with a nice hot blue flame would be pretty at night. The thing is most human molotov's never figure out that fire burns and hurts. The fire does not kill you, it is the suffocation in the fire consumes all the oxygen and that is what kills the person. I could see why so many of these #NeverTrumpers would know this as McGiver never made things like that as Richard Dean Anderson on television.

Apparently it all comes down to making enough sludge stick to your skin, so the human molotov stays aflame to get the job done. Alcohol alone will not do the complete job, but that is what the internet is for with numerous people posting recipes online.

I realize it takes intelligence and preparation. Intelligence in the Bush's not to tempt the spirits with the words they are cursing themselves with, and preparation in bringing the wrong fuel to your human molotov project.

I would that all of us would live in harmony with each other. The liberal could be like Stepford Wives in doping themselves up with weed head and normal Americans could just restore the nation, but these liberals seem to have death wishes...........but like all things liberal, they just get to death's door, costing us all in more medical bills, and seem to need some help getting over to the abyss.

It is the right of every liberal to die, and the dream of the Conservative to enjoy the funeral.

- Lame Cherry

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I would suggest for all of the fag firestarters, that they instead shine an LED light on themselves and tell others that they are protesting Donald Trump and have started themselves on non flammable light.

See the Lame Cherry even protects the lunatic left.